Business case studies No 176 - 05.05.2017

Radio Contact and IKEA create a true FOMO moment

This week, egtabites indulges in a little Swedish cuisine – with big results. The Creative Lab at IP, the leading sales house for private radio stations in Belgium’s Francophone region, developed an impactful, tasty campaign for IKEA, one that mixed the DNA of the advertiser and station together like never before.

500 lucky radio listeners were invited to enjoy a record-breaking breakfast in the town of Spa, at the pleasure of Sweden’s most famous retailer.

A bigger breakfast

IKEA teamed up with Radio Contact, one of the region’s top stations, for a campaign that both highlighted IKEA’s expertise in food and table decoration as well as offered Contact’s listeners a tasty treat. Creative Lab came up with a challenge for the station’s Le Good Morning team: to beat the world record for the Biggest Feel Good Breakfast.

The event was advertised, naturally, on radio, with additional support from TV spots on RTL’s channels, out-of-home (CycloTaxi advertising), online and social media activations, with the Le Good Morning hosts featuring in the radio and TV spots. The campaign was a perfect fit for IKEA’s desire to open the 2016/2017 season on the theme “Food: live in and around the kitchen.”

Prior to the big day itself, the Radio Contact presenters toured several large towns throughout the Walloon region of southern Belgium to raise awareness in the build up to the unique feast. The marketing drive was also strengthened by using the customer data of IKEA FAMILY card holders for targeted invitations.

The results

Radio Contact beat the world record, gathering 500 people around an enormous, 117-metre-long IKEA table to munch on Swedish breakfast delicacies, with additional presents handed out to participants. The breakfast was broadcast live on Radio Contact Vision and Facebook Live for all those who couldn’t be there in person, and the campaign achieved great press coverage.

As Barbara De Wolf, Head of Creative Lab at IP, explained to egta, “This campaign was the result of a close collaboration between several actors: IKEA, the Creative Lab of IP Radio, Radio Contact and Initiative Media. The expertise and complementarity of each of the parties allowed for the creation of an unprecedented campaign on a Francophone Belgian radio station, a station that was ready to rise to the challenge.

It was not just a challenge for a brand to communicate over the airwaves, but rather a collective challenge met by all of the parties involved. It led to the total involvement of the radio presenters (for example, speaking in Swedish in the spots) and the advertiser in the campaign, going above and beyond their typical roles.”

Why this matters for egta members?

Radio is all about community: bringing huge numbers of people together around a shared identity in the presence of much-loved personalities. Its combination of local appeal, dynamism and mass reach gives marketers a unique opportunity to connect with consumers through their favourite radio stations, as this campaign for IKEA clearly demonstrates.

The work of IP’s Creative Lab exemplifies all that’s best in radio advertising: a great idea, flawlessly executed across radio, television and digital media, culminating in an unforgettable experience for 500 lucky listeners.

It’s been said that radio is all about FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. Judging by the excited chatter generated on the campaign’s Facebook page, Radio Contact and IKEA certainly succeeded in achieving that magical sense of expectation among the station’s audience.

So, who’s for some herrings on toast?



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