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Business case studies No 186 - 15.09.2017

Samsung & KPN Find The Phone

This week's egtabite features an innovative approach to launching a new smartphone with a creative combination of radio, online and brand activation. Samsung, telecom provider KPN and radio station 538 joined forces to make the launch of the newest Galaxy S8 smartphone a success in terms of media visibility, store traffic and brand preference.

The concept

In April 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched. Listeners of the Dutch radio station 538 were among the first to get a chance to win this smartphone in a radio show called Find The Phone.

Every weekday from April 18 to April 26, Samsung's latest model was hidden somewhere in the Netherlands. 538's listeners had to find a unique code which would lead them to the smartphone. Various 538-DJ's helped their listeners throughout the day by asking questions, which held an important clue as to the hidden location of the code.

Whoever found the code at the location got a chance to open The Box, containing a Samsung Galaxy 8, in one of the KPN stores. This was a reference to the official slogan of the phone launch “Unbox your phone”. Every day one unique code opened The Box. The person with the winning code was congratulated on-air in the De Coen en Sander Show for winning a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Listeners with correct answers to the Find The Phone - questions received - next to a vital clue as to the hidden location - two tickets to the sold-out event 538Koningsdag and a €100 gift voucher for KPN.

On April 27, the eighth Samsung Galaxy S8 was given away during 538Koningsdag in Breda. Visitors of this event in honour of the King had a chance to win the S8 by finding the Samsung team and leaving their contact information with them. The lucky winner was announced on stage at the start of the evening.

To draw attention to the campaign and to activate all listeners, a radio campaign was launched preceding and during the action week, consisting of promos, tag-ons and audioboards. Next to radio, an online campaign was simultaneously launched on and the social media channels of 538.


The Find the Phone campaign reached 3,7 million listeners (25% within target group 10+) and fans, which led to considerable media attention for the product launch. After the campaign, 6 out of 10 listeners were familiar with the latest Samsung model – an increase of 25%.  The campaign attracted much traffic to the KPN stores and increased brand consideration and preference by 10%. This made the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 something very hard to miss.

Jamie Kleijne, Brand Partnership Manager at Talpa Radio commented on the campaign: "The unique creative concept with partners Samsung and KPN proved our ability to activate listeners and create the awareness and “call to action” required. By implementing a great Radio 538 event together with on-air and on- line touchpoints the “Find The Phone” activation was a success for all parties involved."

Why does this matter to egta members?

This example shows how the media attention generated around the launch of a new product can create additional marketing opportunities for advertisers. In this case, as a win-win situation for everyone involved: Samsung gained an increase in brand preference, KPN received a boost in store traffic and the radio station 538 made their listeners happy and proved radio’s strength when launching a product or building brand awareness.



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