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Business case studies No 191 - 20.10.2017

New brooms sweep clean

Domestos, a global brand and household cleaning range produced by Unilever, set out to boost its sales and brand awareness by becoming an integral part of Revizor (‘Inspector’), the most trusted Ukrainian TV show on the topic of cleaning. Domestos is a leader in the category of cleaning products. However, this category is less developed in Ukraine than in other countries: many consumers prefer cheaper goods and Ukrainians often prefer using old fashioned, tried and tested, cleaning methods. Domestos set out to convince them of the advantages of buying high-quality products which can ensure more effective cleaning while saving time and money. The main objectives for the brand, as a category leader, were market penetration, growth and triggering a consumers' switch to a more upscale product as a better cleaning tool.

A win-win partnership.

The solution was simple and effective: Domestos, the germ kill-expert engaged in the sponsorship of Revizor, a social reality television show about the quality of the hotel and catering industry in Ukraine. Revizor is an original TV-show of Novyi, the most popular channel among the 20-40 audience. During the 7 season-run, the crew visited restaurants and hotels to judge the level of service and help employees and owners find flaws in their work - thus becoming better. There is even a post-show called Passions for Revizor where the business owners, the Revizor-crew, experts and the program's guests discuss the improvements. Revizor doesn’t advertise the restaurant or receive money for the visits. This enables the show to remain impartial, making it one of the most trusted TV shows for Ukrainians.

The partnership was chosen for a number of reasons. First, because the brand and show share the same positioning: an expert in hygiene. Secondly, because the partnership allowed the Revizor brand to easily communicate various key messages to its core audience, who trusts the experts of the show. Finally, the huge success and popularity of the show during the previous seasons guaranteed a premium and brand-safe environment for the client. Domestos became an integral part of the show through appropriate product-placement: the crew gave Domestos products to help restaurant staff with hygiene all over the country. The many relevant situations in which the products could be used raised awareness throughout Ukraine.

The integration went beyond the TV-show: the brand was also presented on the mobile application Revizor, where users could publish their own cleaning tips in a branded section called Public Revizions. Moreover, users were able to access a map of Ukraine with all the inspected establishments, so they could easily choose the best place and watch the revision, or invite Revizor crew to inspect the restaurant, café or hotel.


22M Ukrainians watched the show in total and 6,3M people of the target audience (women 25-40 y.o. with above average income, who live in 100k+ cities) noticed the integration and communicated with the brand. Furthermore, 100K viewers downloaded the mobile application with 550K users viewing the branded page. Domestos’ sales volume showed a growth of 17% and a volume share increase of 9% compared to the previous period (Sep-Dec 2016 to May-Aug 2016).

For broadcasters, it is a good example of how a TV-show can help position a brand as a leader with an effective, seamless, and relevant brand integration. In 2017 the partnership between Revizor and Domestos is continuing in an extended format.


*Calculation methodology: Relative Sales Volume Growth = (Sales Volume: Sponsorship period [Sep-Dec 2016] / Sales Volume: Previous Period [May-Aug 2016] – 1)*100% Relative Volume Share Growth = (Volume Share: Sponsorship period [Sep-Dec 2016] / Volume Share: Previous Period [May-Aug 2016] – 1)*100% Source: Nielsen Ukraine, Sep-Dec 2016 comparatively May-Aug 2016



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