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Business case studies No 192 - 27.10.2017

Supla, a Finnish music, podcast and online audio entertainment platform

The main business goal of Nelonen Media is to make superb audio entertainment available anywhere, any time. Within this mission statement, Nelonen developed Supla - an audio entertainment platform that offers listeners a complete audio package. In the changing media environment, Nelonen wanted to keep up with the listening trends and develop a service that could compete with other audio platforms. The main competitors for radio are in their view not the visual platforms like Netflix, Facebook or Instagram, but those using listening opportunities when listeners’ eyes are occupied (driving, cleaning etc), such as Spotify or Deezer.

“Understanding the listening opportunity is the core of any digital audio service. It doesn´t make sense to try and compete with services that are made for eyes and for completely different situations. Focus on the ears”, says Johannes Saukko, the content director behind Supla.

Supla content

The aim with Supla was to develop a platform that would be available as easily as possible when such a listening opportunity occurs. The platform also needed to offer versatile quality content to be able to compete with the wide offer of other audio services.

The final product - Supla - is an audio entertainment platform that offers podcasts, audiobooks, Supla original series, live sports commentary, music, on demand as well as live audio. Nelonen is offering two types of shows for the platform to drive listenership – Those with significant mass appeal as well as niche shows with extremely engaged audience. They offer popular radio shows like the morning show live and also on demand with highlights or as a full-length show. The audiobooks on Supla do not cater to heavy bookworms, but rather to casual listeners who want to try out audio books.

Nelonen negotiates for the rights of popular bestsellers and then produces them in an audiobook format. The Supla original series are specifically designed for Supla, they can often cover more sensitive subjects that would not be suitable for broadcast on traditional radio and therefore offer more creative freedom.

“Traditional radio is what we are building Supla on. But to take more listening we need to broaden our offer and the original series produced purely for Supla offer an immense amount of possibilities. The production just needs to let go of most of the rules of producing radio programmes. This is a different game and we are learning it quickly” says Saukko.

Results and advertising

Finland’s population is about 5.2 million people and during the less than two years of Supla being on the market the app has been downloaded 300 000 times. There are around 220 000 regular unique users a month who spend on average 41 min per session with the app.The radio business is going well which allows Nelonen to develop and experiment with Supla without the pressure to have a major new revenue stream. Currently there are pre-rolls and coming soon are mid-rolls and potentially ad replacements from live radio.

Nelonen is also planning to introduce sign up to Supla to be able to collect data and as a result target content and advertising based on interests. It will also be available on Carplay and Android Auto. Other future plans include a two-hour catch-up possibility for live shows with the option to replace ads in the commercial break.



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