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Business case studies No 195 - 17.11.2017

Buying Intent Data

This week’s egtabite features an example from the German market, which shows how targeting delivers an increased impact on advertisers’ marketing campaigns: enters the “buying intent data”.

The concept

Q division, in which the RTL Mediengruppe invested early 2017, is a seller for digital data, which monetizes anonymous user data. This new monetisation cooperation is a major step for Germany’s biggest TV sales house towards a rich portfolio allowing targeted advertising online. “Buying intent data” enables brands and agencies to target people with a current and concrete intent to purchase, especially in product categories with a long buying cycle, such as telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics or energy. Q division’s data creates a contact between advertisers and consumers at the exact moment when they are the most likely to buy, i.e. when it has been established that they have a high interest in the product.

As an FMCG advertiser, this innovative solution was particularly interesting for Reckitt Benckiser, which was the first advertiser to opt for this approach with IP Germany.

A very successful first campaign

For three weeks, Reckitt Benckiser – together with their digital agency - ran an intent targeting campaign for their eye-drop product Optrex. Half-way through the campaign, the results were already excellent. Thorsten Müller, Head of Media & Digital at Reckitt Benckiser commented: "We are very pleased with the first results: The high quality of IP’s in-stream inventory was increased even further thanks to this targeting solution. Already after a very short time of running this first intent-targeting campaign, we could see an uplift of more than 10% in the view-through rate (VTR) and even a 23% increase in the click-through rate (CTR).”

Concretely, Q division achieves this thanks to the user data gathered from over 120 online shops, comparison websites and special interest portals. These user identities are marked according to their search and surfing behaviour - in compliance with data protection regulations - and then targeted for their specific buying interest.

Previously, advertisers and agencies could license data-sets with Q division and integrate them as targeting option in their campaign planning, through their own DSP. But now, the process goes a step further, as clients are able to book directly with IP Germany and get access to the data-sets during the campaign planning. This option is currently available for 8 advertising categories (Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Pharmacy & Health, Home & Garden, Finance, Clothing & Accessories, Energy and Automotive & Parts).

"The cooperation with Q division in the field of intent data offers us new opportunities to expand our offering and ideally complements our portfolio. The value of intent data marketing is clearly linked to the fact that it has a significant impact on advertising efficiency, which in turn also benefits our customers as is clearly shown by our first campaign with Reckitt Benckiser." says Paul Mudter, Director Interactive at IP Deutschland.



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