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Business case studies No 200 - 22.12.2017

Your favourite case studies of 2017

The final egtabite of the year features the most interesting of topics: the egtabites! Proudly looking back at 2017, we’ve compiled the definitive list of your favourite case studies, based on open and click rates. We invite you to rediscover these great insights and creative innovations our members have so kindly shared with us this past year.

If your thirst for knowledge has not been quenched by this overview, feel free to discover the complete archive of 200 egtabites on egta’s website. The egtabites will return in January 2018.


egtabite 161: Ad Impact Booster - mastering creativity and media planning
20 years of advertising research in one action model

egtabite 167: Placing McCafé Moments at the heart of TV conversations
Smart contextual ad campaign uses TV’s power to trigger passionate conversations
egtabite 171: How to attract millennials with authentic content and an innovative distribution model
The Norwegian web and TV series that attracted teenagers to broadcaster’s brand with engaging content, innovative distribution and creative storytelling
egtabite 173: Eye tracking study proves the stronger impact of TV ads compared to online video
The study examines the impact of TV commercials on viewers depending on the device they are shown on

egtabite 179: Quantifying the connection: premium video & brand building
Research quantifies advertising’s ROI in premium video, social media and short-form video


egtabite 183: The German TV industry makes the show to prove TV’s attractiveness and power!
First grow the pie, then share it!


egtabite 185: Pro Plus’ multi-award winning show gives 12 startups a great boost
TV show brings innovative products to the retailer’s shelves


egtabite 187: How RTÉ's Segmentation Study provides another layer of insights beyond just demographics.
Going beyond age and gender


egtabite 189: Comparing the effectiveness of TV+catch-up TV with TV+YouTube
Which is the most sales effective combination for advertisers?


egtabite 193: AI-based research reveals how viewers really engage with advertising across different platforms and devices
A world-first study



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