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Business case studies No 204 - 26.01.2018

Maximising brand awareness

This week’s egtabite delves into several years’ worth of brand research with an extensive study conducted by the Spanish sales house Atresmedia Publicidad, which joined forces with Tres14 Research to create the ROIMAP (ROI of multimedia campaigns).

This study, covering TV, online, radio, newspaper and outdoor investments for 30 brands, measures the effectiveness of different media in generating brand awareness and profitability. The brands come from a variety of sectors, ranging from finance to automotive, telecommunications and retail. The results of the study are the aggregate of the 30 brands (2013-2016).

The increasing importance of TV in the media mix.

The purpose of this study is to advise clients by simulating the optimal media mix based on a given budget. For example, based on an analysis of investments made by 30 brands from 2013 to 2016, this tool showed that with a 64% share, TV delivers 78% of the total brand awareness. The research also reveals a positive evolution with regards to the importance of television investments over the course of the 4 years. Since 2013, the share of television in the media mix has continuously increased.

The research shows that to optimise the media mix for maximum awareness and profitability, 66% of investments should be allocated to television, which is 11,9% more than what is invested in reality (2016, average for 30 analysed brands). The same figures show an overspending of 5,6% for online, 3% for print, 2,5% for radio and 1,5 % for outdoor.

In addition, TV creates a halo effect on the brand awareness generated by other media. 35% of the total awareness is generated by television, which amplifies the awareness generated by online, newspaper, outdoor, magazine and radio. The study likewise shows the negative impact of removing television from a media plan. In fact, media plans without TV, show an average loss of 64% of the total brand awareness.

Enjoy the ROI

“This study is the latest step in the commitment of Atresmedia Publicidad to meet the needs of advertisers and to continue researching advertising effectiveness, in line with other studies and methodologies such as AtresData, Econometric modelling for Effective frequency or Global efficiency study for advertising sales with Kantar Worldpanel.”, comments Fernando Pino Velazquez, Marketing Services Director at Atresmedia Publicidad.

The ROIMAP also comes with an online tool allowing the simulation of different investment share scenarios, depending on the specific needs of the client, in order to determine the most suitable media mix to maximise brand awareness.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for ad spend data is estimates provided by Arce Media. Brand awareness data was collected with IOPE



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