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Business case studies No 214 - 06.04.2018

Broadcasters have always believed that context is king and that it generates engagement and emotion. This week’s egtabite puts the spotlight on an innovative new advertising format: écrans stories or ad break stories, which offer advertisers a unique and rich context in which to broadcast their spots.

Contextualised ad breaks telling the story

Launched by TF1 Publicité, this original format allows brands to advertise their product in a completely contextualised ad break, bringing together spots with the same theme in one premium break. The themes range from singing ("Broadway") or dance ("Dancefloor") to escape ("Evasion") and love ("Love Story"). A Broadway ad break story for example will only feature spots which contain songs, whereas Love Story only features spots celebrating love and Valentine’s Day.

The possible themes are not limited to the above mentioned and can be widely varied. The innovative stories are featured in the highest-rated TF1 shows: Broadway during The Voice, Dancefloor during Dancing with The Stars, Evasion during Koh Lanta and more. These ad break stories are open to all advertisers, provided they respect the chosen theme, which is in direct relation to the program. In this respect, the ad break stories create a unique link between the program and the brands whose ads are broadcast on the air.


What are the advantages for advertisers?

Ad break stories offer two significant benefits to advertisers. The first is that they allow the advertiser to find themselves in a break that is totally editorialised and contextualised around the same theme, providing for a much higher viewer engagement. The second advantage is that this break is announced live by the host of the TV programme itself. The live announcement raises viewer expectations with regards to the featured brand and in turn raises engagement from viewers.

On the evening of May 27, TF1 Publicité unveiled the first ad break story during The Voice, which was composed solely of musical spots featuring singing. This "Broadway" story revealed the artistic talent of various advertisers such as Deezer, Oasis, Lesieur, SNCF, Citya, Haribo, Coca-Cola, Kenzo, Carte Noire, Bénédicta, Guerlain and Citröen. The launch proved to be a big success as it generated 25% more engagement compared to the same ad break over the previous 6 weeks.

Myriam LEVY, Deputy General Director TF1 Publicité: "This offer reflects the belief we have at TF1 Advertising that context is king and how it generates engagement and emotion. Launched live by our TV host, our contextualised ad breaks raise expectations on the part of the audience and provide higher engagement for our advertisers."

It’s Showtime!

TF1 Publicité is continuing the path of innovation and will launch another new format this year, which even goes a step further than the ad break stories with regards to providing context. The “Showtime” offer will allow advertisers to use TF1's studios and programs to shoot their commercials, thereby strengthening the impact and engagement of their campaign by offering original communication in the universe of the programme.



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