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 egtabite 22 - Ster Extra, the interactive advertising app

The concept

There are many examples of second screen apps that engage audiences within the programmes but so far there has been very few that could do the same for commercial breaks. In this week’s egtabite we present you the first application tailored specifically to the advertising block.

This "idea worth sharing" comes from Ster, the commercial body that sells advertising on television, radio stations and websites of the Dutch Public Broadcasting Company. In response to the increasing number of tablets and smartphones owned and used for TV purposes (in the Netherlands 65% of the population own a smartphone, and 78% use their smartphone occasionally while watching TV) Ster introduced the innovative Ster extra app for tablets in 2012 followed by an extension for smartphones in June 2013.

The app establishes a direct link between first and second screen and between advertiser and consumer. With Ster Extra consumers can benefit from many special bonuses and exclusive deals offered via app during Ster commercials on TV. The timeline of the application is synchronised with the timeline of the commercial block on TV. The bonuses are available for only 30 minutes after the commercial block in question, which adds urgency to both the block on TV and the promotion.

Ster Extra enhances the TV campaign for advertisers; they interact with consumers directly and can add exclusive materials such as pictures or videos to their campaign. The bonus being shown in the app also extends the communication moment and creates a more intensive brand experience. Ster Extra is popular with consumers as they are using it actively to receive vouchers, discount coupons and samples. Consumer research shows that 43% of users think watching commercials with Ster Extra is more fun.

Both advertisers and the media sector have applauded this innovative idea; Ster Extra won the AMMA Award for Best Media Innovation on May 30, 2013.

Why does it matter to egta members?

This innovative idea shows that the second screen can be actively used to engage audiences not only during programmes but also get them involved in commercials in exchange for certain benefits. It’s a win-win concept for everyone involved, for advertisers it brings additional profit, brand strengthening and interaction with customers, for sales houses it creates additional revenues while developing relations with both advertisers and viewers and finally for customers it brings specific benefits and enjoyment.

Target: TV
What they said ...

» Arian Buurman - CEO, Ster
» Lieke Fransen - CheapTickets.nl
» Angelique Kramer - Mojo

 Background info

Please click on the link below to access the relevant documents:

» Ster webpage here

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