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Business case studies No 239 - 30.11.2018

Sky Media Germany defines quality content

This week’s egtabite features a quality study conducted by the German market research institute Facit Research on behalf of Sky Media Germany.

The German advertising market is still very much controlled by discussions about reach and efficiency. But the topic of quality seems to be gaining momentum – especially given the recently reported lack of control and transparency on certain online platforms. Sky therefore decided to develop a framework for the industry on the hot topic of quality content, a term which they felt is not well defined yet. TV senior executives across Germany seem to agree about the fact that it was one of the most discussed topics in meetings with clients in 2018, and that it is probably linked to the fact that the question is still open as to what defines and impacts quality.

Sky’s goal was therefore threefold: 1. Define quality for a broadcaster, by asking clients and viewers directly for their opinion. 2. Develop clear and measurable quality KPIs. 3. Measure and apply those criteria to Sky, as well as to their free-to-air competitors.

It is the first time a perception study managed to define concrete quality KPIs such as high involvement of the audience, programme variety, credibility and seriousness of content, innovative content tailored to viewers’ needs and measure broadcasters against them.

"The study by Facit Research provided highly valuable insights as a valid decision-making tool for advertisers," says Thomas Deissenberger, Managing Director at Sky Media.

A Unique Methodology

As part of the multi-stage approach of the study, 42 valuable quality KPIs were developed and categorised in 4 types, which were later used both for face-to-face interviews and for an online survey. Face-to-face interviews were conducted with 15 relevant industry experts, both on the advertisers and the media agencies’ side. An online study then gathered opinions from 1205 viewers of German TV channels (304 were Sky viewers and 901 were viewers from other free-to-air TV providers). The survey and interviews focused on understanding the perception of quality content both for viewers and clients through a series of criteria, such as production value, programme genre and diversity, viewers’ involvement, transparency in reporting or relevant target groups.

(Above slide from the Facit institute study, which served as a basis for the elaboration of this perception quality-study.

Why is quality important?

Quality content is paramount for both the advertising market and viewers. As quality has a tremendous positive impact on advertising effectiveness, this topic is gaining momentum in media planning, which is why it was especially important for Sky to make it definable and measurable. Brands consider it crucial for brand building, brand development and attraction. TV’s brand-safe environment allows them to reach their target audience with the right message at the right time with a long-term impact.


The results were reassuring for Sky Media and gave them strong arguments for their B2B and B2C communication.

But most importantly, the study indicates that Sky offers a relevant and safe environment for brands as well as exclusive opportunities for attract viewers’ attention.

“Sky is clearly the expert and driver of quality and can now define it and make it measurable - and that's exactly what our clients want", says Thomas Deissenberger, Managing Director at Sky Media.




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World TV Day

» The results of the Sky Media study were released on the occasion of World Television Day (21 November).
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