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Business case studies No 251 - 08.03.2019

Voice-activated advertising – enabling voice interactivity and measurability in the audio ad market

Using voice AI technology and new audio marketing strategies brings new opportunities to audio advertising:  an interactive and flexible user experience for listeners, greater relevance and impact of ad communication for advertisers, and a ‘voice click’ to track and attribute campaign effectiveness of the for publishers.

The biggest obstacle in digital audio marketing is the "engagement challenge" in screen-free and hands-free environment, such as driving or listening to radio while your phone is in your pocket, or while using wireless headphones.

A very effective solution to this problem is voice-enabled ad technology. When interactive advertising comes on, users are in control and can ask to hear more details, skip an ad, call a company, and apply a variety of other target actions that align with marketers’ goals. This offers a great opportunity for radios to turn their advertising spots into interactive ones while making the most of voice control technology and solving the “click problem”. 

Benefits of voice interface

For advertisers, any voice response means that the ad message was delivered and acknowledged. Every interaction is measured and made available in real-time reporting. Data is then available for the marketers to gain insights about how consumers feel about a product, enabling A/B testing and analysis. This in turn drives better creative and targeting.

Listeners benefit from a better user experience with short interactive ads and the ability to skip them if they are not relevant.

Finally, publishers benefit from a 4-6 times uplift in CPM, better fill rate and greater user ad experience.

Case study: and GPM Radio

To illustrate the potential of the technology, GPM Radio in Russia cooperated with the technology provider and deployed voice-enabled campaigns on their online radio streaming service They started running voice-activated campaigns in December 2017 and while representing only 1% of the impressions these ads brought in 10% of total revenue within the digital audio segment for the given month.

The results showed that 70% of microphones were activated, four out of ten users reacted to voice-enabled ads and 9% agreed to “know more” and visit the client’s website. This is a vastly higher percentage than the average click-through-rate for banner ads (around 0.05%) or CTR for video ads (around 0.26%).

On average, voice-enabled ads were seven times more expensive than the digital audio ads.

GPM received very positive reactions to the technology and campaigns. They also use the technology for promotion of their own activities.





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