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Business case studies No 258 - 26.04.2019

In today’s intricate TV ecosystem, broadcasters constantly seek to innovate and address advertisers’ increasing demands for transparency and accurate reporting.

This week’s egtabite puts the spotlight on exactly such a technological innovation - presented at egta’s DigitalNext meeting in Lisbon, which allows for meticulous reporting and traceability across all media in the programmatic ecosystem: EdiPub’s Trust.Id initiative.

Promoting industry-wide standards

EdiPub is a non-profit association, whose members are sales houses, media agencies and advertisers, representing the entire advertising industry in France. Financed and led by its members, the association was founded 20 years ago with the aim of bringing transparency, efficiency and cost effectiveness to the advertising industry. Moreover, the goal of EdiPub is to set industry standards and help the industry to work together more efficiently, find much-needed solutions and successfully implement them in the market.

We are convinced, that when standards are shared by the whole market, productivity gains are high for every party involved”, asserts Timothée Join-Lambert, Head of Digital Revenue Management at TF1 Publicité and Secretary General at EdiPub.

The Trust.Id initiative

In 2018, the French market, helped by changes in legislation, felt the urgent need to address advertisers’ demand for transparency in pricing and delivery.

Publishers’ motivations for open reporting and sales houses’ desire to provide time and cost-efficient solutions made this possible. With this in mind, EdiPub launched Trust.Id, a campaign identifier which allows the tracking of a programmatic campaign throughout its entire lifecycle.

Thanks to this ID, advertisers are able to verify that what they paid for has been delivered and where exactly it was shown: publishers know which advertisers buy their space and sales houses meet the advertisers’ demand in a cost-effective manner.

A unique code is given to individual campaigns and all market actors share responsibility along the programmatic supply chain, facilitating collaboration between advertisers, agencies and sales houses by making programmatic ad buying and selling more transparent. In addition, it connects all part of the programmatic chain and becomes the reconciliation key to make reporting operations easier and more reliable.

EdiPub’s initiative resonated very well with the advertising community. As a part of Trust.Id’s implementation, early adopters have to run a Proof of Concept (POC) and validate the project for a worldwide roll-out, for example the implementation of Trust.Id in the upcoming version of the Open RTB (IAB) standard. Among them are well-known names in the industry such as EDF, La Poste, Orange, Unilever, Nestlé, and media agencies such as WPP, Havas Média, Publicis Média etc. IAB’s validation should allow for an even bigger endorsement of this new standard, possibly making it a true global answer by publishers to clients’ demand for transparency.

There are several advantages to Trust.Id: it has already been successfully applied to other industries and proven media, it requires few financial investments and development efforts and it could be quite adequately used for invoicing as well. It is a time and effort saving solution that allows accurate programmatic campaign reporting and offers advertisers and publishers the requested control.

Future steps

Due to its ease of use and many advantages, Trust.Id aims to become a unique identifier used by everybody in the programmatic chain, ideally beyond the French market only, as the advertising industry is truly a global one today.

Many industries have already done this; therefore, we believe it is possible and not at all complicated. It is not a question of money, but of motivation of the various players involved, which can be difficult depending on the market. Trust.Id can be tomorrow’s unique ID, making all the reporting and the invoicing on the programmatic buying chain possible”, Join-Lambert concluded.

The next steps involve the implementation of Trust.Id in the upcoming version of the Open RTB (IAB) standard which would enhance further market integration. Besides France, the project is also expected to roll out in Denmark, and the platform hopes to convince more countries across Europe to join in as well. The ultimate goal is the adoption of the Trust.Id initiative throughout the global digital advertising market.

In the framework of the last WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) Global Marketer Week which took place from 26 to 29 March in Lisbon, the Union of Advertisers (UDA) was also entrusted with the responsibility of introducing the labels " Digital Ad Trust "and " Trust.ID" among its international counterparts.





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