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 Lagardère’s second-screen companion app for radio

The concept

As media-multitasking – the use of multiple devices at the same time – becomes increasingly common, Lagardère has become the first publisher to create a true second-screen companion app for radio. The smartphone and tablet app Europe 1 Check, developed for Lagardère’s flagship French radio station, enhances the listening experience and delivers exclusive offers and content synchronised in real-time to listeners.

The unique responsiveness to live content and over-the-top advertising capabilities differentiate this app from others available on the market.

The app allows users to store content and access it at a later time, and it also receives and responds to content as it is being broadcast live on radio, synchronising the station’s advertising and editorial content with additional on-screen material.

Radio, books and mobile devices

On 11 March 2013, Lagardère and Europe 1 worked with publishing house editions Belfond to mark the release of Harlan Coben’s book Ne t ’éloigne pas (Stay Close). Radio listeners had the chance to browse the first chapter of the novel via the app and win a copy signed by the author (see this video for demonstration). This was, however, not a time-bound offer: listeners and mobile Internet users had the option to access the chapter in real-time or save it for later.

The initiative, which helped Belfond attract and focus readers’ attention, was supported by a promotional campaign carried out on air from 8-10 March.

The creation of a second-screen app for radio to enhance and prolong the user’s experience with the medium is part of Europe 1’s strategy of maintaining innovation within the digital field. For Lagardère, it is another chance to help their clients explore and profit from new avenues of communication.

Why does this matter to egta members?

Whilst interaction between the television set and mobile/tablet second screens has become relatively common, Europe 1 Check is the first step taken by a radio broadcaster to develop a second-screen app for radio that delivers a compelling advertising proposition. Increasing the radio-listeners’ interaction with brands and content being broadcast on the radio is clearly a success:  Within a month of its release, there had been over 600,000 downloads of the app [AT January 2013, only iOS], which represents roughly 20% of the station's daily weekday audience, and the first podcast had over 6.5 million downloads [Médiamétrie eStat].

The development of second-screen and companion apps for radio offers publishers and sales houses the opportunity to diversify and add incremental revenues, increase brand visibility and clearly demonstrate to forward-thinking clients that radio is an innovative and dynamic advertising medium that delivers exciting commercial communication opportunities on top of a huge broadcast audience. Such developments will further reinforce radio’s versatility in an increasingly digitised world.

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