20 September 2013
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PlayCaptcha – innovative advertising format

The concept


Future Ad Labs’ ambition is to change the face of digital media by combining reliable existing technologies in ways never seen before in order to produce additional revenue for websites. The idea developed here clearly fulfils this strategy.

The concept of PlayCaptcha is very simple: it is a revolutionary way to replace the often frustrating captcha security text/question on sites with a short game involving product placement.

As a reminder, captcha texts are distorted words presented to consumers to type in to ensure that actual people and not programmes (bots, malicious software etc) are submitting the necessary form on the website.

Howard Kingston, CEO and co-founder of Future Ad Labs, developed the idea as a result of how frustrated he got with the captcha texts after his many attempts to buy online tickets to the 2012 Olympics. With his background in social gaming, he decided to create short games which would fulfil the same purpose as a regular captcha text while, at the same time, allowing brands to use the space to advertise.

PlayCaptchas are thus mini-games revolving around a particular brand/product taking less than fifteen seconds that the consumer must play. PlayCaptchas can also provide a link to the website of the product being advertised.


» The surfer has to move two chillies across the screen onto a bottle of Heinz. The text then disappears, replaced with a short text-ad for Heinz’ new limited-edition flavour.

» The surfer has to move three Coca Cola cans in different colours (gold, silver and bronze) onto their corresponding positions on an Olympics podium.

Why does this matter to egta members?

Research (source: ComScore) has shown that up to one-third of online ads suffer from banner-blindness. With the level of engagement that Playcaptcha requires, consumers cannot block out the advertising. PlayCaptcha therefore guarantees 100% brand interaction, ensuring the message reaches the audience and increasing brand recall, engagement and purchase intent.

It is also the very first time captcha sections of a website are monetized. With PlayCaptcha, internet publishers can earn revenue similarly to a banner or any form of digital ad as Future Ad Labs remunerates websites owners for every single PlayCaptcha completed on a site. This could potentially and easily lead to additional increases in revenue for TV sales houses that monetize their websites. PlayCaptcha has already signed up some of the world's largest brands and media sites - and are keen to speak to new partners.

Target: TV
What they said

» Howard Kingston - Future Ad Labs
» Anthony Risicato - Video Hub Platform

Background info

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» Future Ad Labs (please click here to visit the website, now Adludio)


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