27 September 2013
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Snapshots: a new behavioural planning tool for Radio

This week’s egtabite brings you an exciting new idea worth sharing from the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) in the UK: Snapshots, an online behavioural planning tool to help demonstrate the reach and success of radio campaigns.

The concept


As the RAB’s Planning Director, Mark Barber, explained to egta, “our aim with Snapshots was to accelerate understanding amongst advertisers and their agencies about radio’s unique ability to reach people effectively while they are engaged in other tasks, and why that is important for brands in terms of advertising effectiveness.”  Snapshots achieves this by presenting data from the IPA’s TouchPoints survey - which measures people’s daily activities and how their media usage fits into these patterns, alongside findings from RadioGAUGE - the RAB’s ongoing radio advertising effectiveness study.

Based on data gathered on the different activities carried out during the course of the day and analysis of the different media that accompany these activities, Snapshots gives advertisers information that can help them target ads based on the behaviour of listeners. Relevant information can be downloaded and incorporated into sales presentations.

How it works

Snapshots presents a carefully researched profile for 14 different categories of activities that people carry out in daily life, such as childcare, commuting, sports & exercise.

The data collected gives each of these activities a specific profile and is compiled in easy-to-understand graphs. Snapshots must be experienced rather than described, so we have included a sample page (profiling the activity ‘commuting’) with a short explanation of the graphs used:

» A graph depicting the distribution of different kinds of media – TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and Internet.

» A graph depicting audience reach for each of the above media during that particular activity.

» A timeline that allows you to compare the audience reach of each media at different points of the day.


In addition to these statistics, the profile for each activity shows how radio advertising performed for different product categories, and Snapshots contains case-studies of highly effective campaigns. It must be kept in mind, however, that only campaigns carried out in the UK are included.

Snapshots can be accessed at:

Why does this matter to egta members?

Recent research has demonstrated the importance of behavioural data in planning campaigns. The Snapshots website has gathered large amounts of data and analysed it to represent when and how radio is most effective. This helps advertisers, agencies and sales houses capitalise on the research findings and target their ads to specific behaviours.

The website shows you at a glance not only which activities are most associated with radio use, but also which product sectors most successfully target each activity and when radio reach is highest for that activity. This, of course, is a great tool for sales houses as it empowers the client when planning a campaign by providing them with good case studies and relevant research that is focussed on audio and effectiveness data.

Target: TV / Radio
What they said

» Simon Redican - RAB
» Mark Barber - RAB

Background info

Please click on the links below to access the relevant documents:

» Snapshots case study for IPA (please click here)

» Snapshots website (please click here)

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