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Business case studies No 283 - 20.12.2019

Your favourite radio case studies of 2019

The final egtabite of the year features the most interesting of topics: the egtabites! Proudly looking back at 2019, we’ve compiled the top 10 list of your favourite case studies, based on open and click rates. We invite you to rediscover these great insights and creative innovations our members have so kindly shared with us this past year.

If your thirst for knowledge has not been quenched by this overview, feel free to discover the complete archive of more than 280 egtabites on egta’s website. Should you wish to feature a case in our egtabites, feel free to reach out. Stay tuned as the egtabites will return in January 2020.

egtabite 280: Engaging small business partners
How to make radio advertising accessible and understandable to small business owners.
egtabite 265: Podcast Monetisation Strategies & Best Practices
Executive summary of topics this publication tackles.
egtabite 259: DIVA 3.0 – proving and amplifying audio’s and video’s impact
New features in a long running impact study that test sonic and visual branding identity.

egtabite 251: Voice-activated advertising
Enabling voice interactivity and measurability in the audio ad market

egtabite 247: The Spot on Podcast #2 - Podcast advertising works!
Results of a comprehensive piece of research that looks into podcast advertising formats and their effect.
egtabite 245: New Breakfast Brand Successfully Uses Radio to Build Awareness and Drive Purchases
Case study proves that radio successfully builds awareness and drives purchase for FMCG products.
egta249: Radio drives online traffic and sales:two case studies from Hungary
Combining digital and radio advertising doubled sales
egtabite 278: Making brands shine via cross-media solutions and brand integrations
Combining radio with other media channels, social platforms as well as influencers, and deliver great results for clients.
egtabite 243: BFF Speed Shopping Date – using radio and social media to engage audiences
A creative approach to a radio competition.
egtabite253: An interactive live online video quiz creates new opportunities for branded content and monetisation
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