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Business case studies No 312 - 25.09.2020

TF1 PUB brings programmatic TV to its linear channels

This week’s egtabite dives into TF1 PUB’s ONE PTV programmatic offer in France, launched in February 2020. Employing the demand-side platform (DSP) of The Trade Desk, ONE PTV makes linear TV purchases available to digital buyers. 

“This evolution marks the beginning of the convergence between digital and TV,” 
says Francois-Xavier Le Ray, Managing Director of the Trade Desk, a global software company that enables ad buyers to purchase data-driven advertising campaigns across various ad formats and devices. The ONE PTV offer is the first guaranteed linear TV programmatic offer in Europe.

In recent years, programmatic TV has already gained momentous ground in multiple markets such as the US, where the yearly turnover for linear TV on DSP platforms reached $500 million in 2019. That is approx. 1.5% of the yearly TV ad spend, but nonetheless it represents significant growth in the domain. In France, over 70% of digital video advertising was purchased via programmatic technologies in 2019, with linear TV now added to the mix.

70 million impressions 

Currently, three channels in TF1 PUB´s portfolio are available for buyers. Those are TMC, TFX and TF1 Séries Films. The ONE PTV offer evolves at a fast pace, with the LCI news channel and more socio-demographic targets being added soon. In the coming days, TF1, the most watched channel in France, will also be added to the offer, prime time excluded.

Buyers can purchase campaigns against close to 100 attributes using a fixed CPM per target pricing model and guaranteed delivery. The offer, being part of the broader Total Video strategy, can be regarded as a natural continuation of the broadcaster’s earlier data-driven products and projects, such as LaBox, Sygma and CPM 5 écrans. Last August, addressable TV was also officially legalised in France, paving the way for further developments. 

Francois-Xavier Le Ray explains how ONE PTV allows agencies and advertisers to access linear television inventory programmatically as well as mobile and streaming video inventories. Purchases are not done via auctions but through a guaranteed programmatic model.

Six types of targets are already available. Those are shoppers (82 targets), socio-démo (11 targets), purchase intenders (4 targets), beauty and hygiene (4 targets), attitudinal (2 targets) and light TV viewers (1 target). To date, 9 advertisers, including 3 new ones, have used the DSP to launch 15 campaigns. More campaigns are planned in the coming weeks. A TV campaign is available for as low as € 5000, opening the gates to TV inventory for a broader group of advertisers. 

100% brand-safe

“100% visible, 100% on target, 100% complete and 100% brand-safe,” is how TF1 PUB promotes the programmatic offer, while also highlighting the benefits of common and comparable KPIs, cross-media data availability and efficiency amassed from the single tool for both online video ads and linear TV.

Sven Hagemeier, Director of Inventory Partnerships at the Trade Desk, says: “Now we can make broadcast TV comparable to digital campaigns by merging the KPIs used on both sides. GRPs become impressions and cost GRPs become CPMs. We bring it together and enable advertisers to make data-driven decisions holistically,” he says. “The partnership between TF1 and the Trade desk is entirely unique, and it is amazing to see what is possible when the two companies put their unique strength together to foster innovation in advertising.”



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