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Business case studies No 314 - 09.10.2020

Luma Delikatessen

This week’s meaty egtabite puts the spotlight on Goldbach Switzerland and the sales house’s effective TV campaign for the online butcher shop Luma Delikatessen. The creative campaign boosted brand awareness, provided an increase in both direct and search traffic and delivered a clear increase in turnover – with plenty of new buyers trying the online shop.

Goldbach’s Brandformance attribution model

At the beginning of April and mid-May, Luma launched their first-ever 20-second TV spot on the creation and mission of the specialised shop. The campaign period - in the midst of the COVID19 crisis - was marked by a general change in the use of media in the country, more particularly an increased use of online platforms, online stores, and streaming services.

During this period, Luma’s TV spot was broadcast on a selection of private TV channels watched by e-commerce enthusiasts in German-speaking Switzerland. Goldbach’s Brandformance attribution model was used to continuously optimise the various time slots and channels used for the campaign. This branding and performance model helps advertisers to measure the advertising impact of a TV spot online and - based on this - to place the spots where the impact is greatest. The use of the model increases sales in TV advertising while at the same time increasing qualified reach.

The impact of TV

What was the impact of the campaign which ran for several weeks? Goldbach surveyed the campaign among the German-speaking Swiss and analysed its impact via Google Trends and Google Analytics to determine the effects immediately after the campaign ended. The effect of television was demonstrated by comparing two groups: people who viewed the commercial and those who did not. Regardless of the KPI, the impact is considered positive if people who viewed the TV spot have a higher index value than people who did not see the spot.


The campaign yielded an exceptional memorisation rate and increased brand awareness: 18% of people aged 15 to 49 said they had seen the spot on the various channels and could remember it. The TV spot had a positive influence on brand awareness among respondents, both assisted (+216%) and unassisted (+277%). People who viewed the spot cited Luma three times more often than other spontaneously named brands when it comes to ordering meat online (+ 264% Top of Mind Awareness).

An increased interest: the results of the survey clearly show an increased interest in the online shop. 19% of people who saw the spot said they learned more about the product. 16% claim to have discussed the product with someone else. An analysis of Google Trends showed a high interest during the TV campaign period. Despite an increase in the use of online shops due to the pandemic, search queries into competing companies were fewer than those dedicated to Luma.

An increase in direct traffic and search traffic: thanks to the TV campaign, a clear increase in direct traffic and traffic from search engines was observed on Google Analytics. Four times more visitors were recorded compared to the period prior to the campaign.

A clear increase in turnover: looking at the evolution of turnover, the impact of the television spot is apparent: 8% of the people questioned, said they bought a Luma product after viewing the spot. 15% even recommended the product to someone. In total, 3.5 times more orders (+ 256%) were placed on Luma’s website via direct traffic and search engines during the period of the TV campaign. Turnover thus increased by 216%.


In a short space of time, the campaign succeeded in getting Luma’s message across – not only did the spot inspire interest, but it also created more online traffic and boosted sales, bringing new clients to the butcher shop. Thanks to the successful results of the campaign, the founders of Luma already did another TV campaign over the Summer and will be back for their biggest TV campaign yet in Q4.



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