15 November 2013
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NRJ Global & partners: Adiopack – packaging the digital radio offer

As of September 2013, four of the leading actors in broadcast and online radio in France have joined forces and launched a joint offer to monetise digital audio in France: Adiopack.

Adiopack enables all four platforms involved to be monetised simultaneously, presenting clients with a single tool to purchase a broad digital campaign.

The concept

Adiopack brings together the 200+ web radios of NRJ Global, France’s top on-demand audio service Deezer, Hotmix Radio’s 12 web radios of various genres and Radionomy, which is Europe’s largest collection of listener-created online radio stations.

The Adiopack project was preceded by a partnership between Radionomy and Hotmix that dates back to 2011; at that time, Radionomy (with a portfolio of 5,000 web radios) acquired a 33% share in Hotmix Radio.

This partnership allowed Hotmix to profit from the technical expertise of Radionomy and therefore devote greater resources to developing content to drive listenership. It also facilitated expansion into the Spanish and German markets in the second half of 2011.  Together, they created the monetisation platform Adionomy, which enables advertisers to insert and manage their spots, adjusting them to geographical targeting and listeners’ profiles.

Adiopack is an evolution of this offer, now including partnerships with NRJ Global and the streaming service Deezer. The main advantages of Adiopack are its wide scope and the high audience reach that is achieved via touchpoints across different platforms, as well as the complementarity that allows advertisers to reach a large part of the audience that prefers non-traditional ways of listening to radio.

There are three packages offered within Adiopack (prices net, before tax):

  • Pack Soft - 5 million impressions for €30,000 (during 1 week)
  • Pack Rock - 10 million impressions for €50,000 (during 2 weeks)
  • Pack Heavy - 15 million impressions for €70,000 (during 3 weeks)

Why does this matter to egta members?

Radio on the web is a quickly growing part of the audio market, with opportunities for additional and incremental revenues. Adiopack is one of a number of strategies being adopted by European radio and audio sales houses, and it sits alongside innovations in targeting, the addition of synchronised display advertising and the creation of new partnerships in other markets. Key to the strength of this offer is the ability to reach a very large and attractive audience, marrying one of radio’s traditional advantages with the precise targeting of digital audio.

Target: Radio
What they said

» Olivier Riou - Hotmixradio

Background info

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» Press article in Stratégies (please click here)

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