22 November 2013
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World Television Day 2013 - Thank you!

Allow us to use this week’s egtabite to extend a big thank you to all our members who contributed to the promotion of this week’s big idea: the celebration of World TV Day on 21st November.


You cannot have missed it: yesterday was World Television Day. Admittedly this day, declared by the United Nations in 1996, was still unknown to our industry until last year. Just as the proverb says “the cobbler’s children go barefoot”, television is the first medium to report about “World Happiness Day” and “World Women’s Day”, but rarely had TV mentioned its own dedicated day. Based on this realisation (and a Board member’s suggestion), egta launched the initiative last year with the ACT (Association of Commercial Televisions), and was joined this year by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) to promote this day as widely as possible and make sure that our entire industry, as well as the public at large, is not only aware of the World Television Day but is also reminded of the power of television to do good and touch people.

Video Testimonials Why TV?

Our efforts focused on three aspects, for which our members’ support proved crucial:

1. A webpage explaining the history of World TV Day, as well as giving 9 good reasons to celebrate TV”.

2. An impressive collection of quotes given by celebrities on the occasion of World TV Day, in which they attest to what TV has done for their lives, career or cause. Last year’s contributions included Usain Bolt, Michael Schumacher, Neelie Kroes, Martin Schulz and many others. This year, the list kept on growing, with more “VIPs” such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Ban Ki-moon, José Emanuel Baroso, Gehard Zeiler and many other national celebrities. Thanks to the relentless efforts of egta members from among others, Ireland, Austria, Germany, France, Turkey, Latvia, Canada, Iceland, Croatia, Hungary, Belgium and Romania, we added the point of view of sportsmen, politicians, TV stars, singers, TV reality show winners and representatives from the TV industry,  thereby truly representing the diversity of the media landscape.

3. A 60 second video clip showing television’s overwhelming power to spread information and elicit emotions across every device, everywhere. This clip was shared on social networks around the world, but most importantly, it was broadcast on TV stations in almost every European country and even beyond (Canada, Morocco, etc).  While some members decided to adapt the content and language of the clip to make it more relevant to their national reality and others used a shorter version of the clip, the message was widely broadcast!

Other types of celebration: egta was thrilled to see how enthusiastically  our members covered the topic in their news programmes, in dedicated shows, but also on radio, online and in their newsletters. Some members organised an event specifically dedicated to World TV Day, focused either on particular TV-related topics, as in Italy, or on the celebration aspect of the day with distribution of gifts, as in Morocco.

To put the cherry on the cake and make our point, we need one last thing from you!

We would like to ask for your support, once again, to push this effort to the end and make it really worth your time. ACT, EBU and egta will soon to publish a press release in which we will share figures about the coverage reached by our clip in just one day on TV and social networks. The final number will certainly be impressive. Millions of people in the world have seen this clip live on television thanks to your support, and we would like to publish this proudly in the press, again making our point about TV’s strength.

Please send us your ratings, clipping, extracts, national adaptation and pictures, so you can show us how your sales house and channel covered World Television Day. It will help us make next year’s event even more important, especially as it will coincide with egta’s 40th anniversary.

egta is very lucky, proud and thankful to have active members like you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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Media coverage

Please click on the links below to access examples of national adaptions of the clip:

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Send us your version or coverage so that we can share it on our YouTube channel.

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