6 December 2013
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Interactive and synchronised ad spot with IP Belgium’s Connect

This week’s idea worth sharing shows how to push the usage of second screen even further. egta’s member IP Belgium and its channels RTL-TVI, Club RTL and Plug RTL launched an innovative way to engage the audience by making active use of the second-screen during ad breaks. This concept – called Connect – was used with great success in a campaign for the famous potato chips brand Lay’s.

The concept

The Connect concept offers an interactive and synchronised experience. Before each broadcast of the Lay’s commercial, a jingle informs viewers that the following spot is interactive. An icon shown during the spot increases attention and raises engagement by inviting viewers to access RTL’s application (RTL-TVI, Club RTL or Plug RTL) on their smartphone, tablet or PC. The second-screen is then completely synchronised with the TV spot, showing the ad in various formats: in first position in the showbox on the homepage, in overlay on all other pages and in the timeline. With a single click, viewers can be redirected to the advertiser’s webpage/fan page, to its app or to any other augmented content. This may serve for entering a contest, asking viewers to fill in a form collecting data or making special offers.


This concept was used for the final stage of the Lay’s campaign Create your taste – The Battle, during which the public was invited to design its own flavour of chips.

 Three finalists were chosen, and their flavours were made available in shops between September 10th and December 1st 2013. During this final stage of the campaign, the interactive Connect spots were shown, inviting viewers to vote for one of the new special flavours, one of which will become Lay's Limited Edition 2014.


Why does this matter to egta members?

This campaign shows how the first- and second-screen may complement each other even during ad breaks and how a brand can extend the TV experience in real time on other personal devices. The interactivity raises the attention of viewers and creates an emotional and active link as well as proximity between the advertiser, the channel and the viewers. Turning the campaign into an interactive event produces strong, engaged GRPs.

Campaigns of this sort are ideal in connection with a relevant motivation for viewers to access the application or the website. Interactive campaigns touch the viewer on every screen and therefore represent real added value for the advertiser (engagement with the brand), for the channel (stickiness) and for the consumer (additional benefits).

Let's hear from Pepsico ...

"Personally I think that Connect is a very nice initiative from IP Belgium. Our society is becoming more and more digital; consumers become multi-taskers and want to interact with the program. With our “Create Your Taste” action by Lay's, we have responded to this new demand. Almost a year ago, Lay’s appealed to Belgian consumers to send ideas for new flavors. In the meantime, the finalists were produced and on the market. In September, Connect was born. It was a perfect timing as we were launching the last stage of the campaign: we wanted to make people vote for their favorite taste. Since the Connect application strongly facilitates the interaction with RTL viewers, our collaboration with IP Belgium was obvious! "

–– Greet Vandevoort – Media & Communications Manager – PepsiCo BeLux



Target: TV
What they said

» Greet Vandevoort - PepsiCo BeLux

Background info

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