23 January 2014
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Get it on the Radio!

The topic of this week’s egtabite - Get it on the Radio - is the name of an innovative B2B campaign by Var, the sales house for public radio in the north of Belgium. The campaign took place during November and December last year, and it promoted the main strengths of radio in a fun and catchy way across several media, including radio, online and print.

The concept

How to best convince advertisers, media agencies, partners and potential advertisers of the power of radio? Var’s answer was to take strong facts that support radio as a medium and turn them into an attention-grabbing audiovisual campaign. The idea was to create a funky song that promotes the main virtues of radio together with a retro pixel animation video and other visuals.

The Get it on the Radio song lies at the heart of the campaign, and it was made available on YouTube and the audio platform SoundCloud. The song was also cut into shorter clips for radio broadcast, with each verse highlighting a different quality of the medium. QR codes on posters and print adverts linked directly to segments of the song on YouTube, thus bringing together print, online and radio in one campaign. The argument supporting the perfect match of online and radio displayed with these QR codes was that 48% of people listen to the radio while surfing the web. Radio as an advertising platform that is close to the point-of-sale was supported by the finding that 71% of shopping is preceded by listening to the radio, and other parts of the campaign highlight radio’s accessibility, space for creativity, ability to quickly reach a large audience and its affordability.

Banners in the email signatures of Var employees linked to the campaign’s online elements, with further display advertising featuring across a number of websites. Numerous promotional materials and items were produced for distribution to stakeholders, all of them taking the characters from the storyline and using the same graphical format of the pixel animation.

Why does this matter to egta members

Belgium enjoys one of the strongest radio markets in Europe, with the medium consistently outperforming the rest of the market in recent years. Promotional campaigns such as Get it on the Radio are a key element in a successful strategy that is built around cooperation between the country’s sales houses and a sharp focus on creativity, ROI, strong brands and the combined power of radio with television and digital platforms.

Let's hear it from Var


"I find it incredibly amusing to be able to talk about radio through music – it’s the language of radio. We didn’t want to be boring, but on the contrary to tell our story to the listeners through a catchy song."
["Je trouve cela incroyablement amusant de pouvoir parler de la radio en musique – le langage même de la radio. Il n’était pas question pour nous d’être ennuyeux, mais de faire découvrir au public notre histoire à travers une chanson qui bouge"]

–– Thierry Van Zeebroeck, CEO, Var

Target: Radio
What they said

» Thierry Van Zeebroeck - Var

Background info

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Campaign spot

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