31 January 2014
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Into the golden era: egta's President and Board deliver insights on the future of the television and radio advertising industry

This week’s egtabite fully encompasses the ethos of an ‘idea worth sharing’ and in fact includes many ideas worth spreading! In the first weeks of 2014, the egta team read many press articles by industry movers and shakers offering opinion pieces and forecasts for our industry's future. We decided it was time for egta and its board members to make their voices heard and put forward their views on the evolution of television and radio in 2014 and beyond.

The concept

egta asked its Board members to share their insights into the future of TV and radio advertising. These views from Europe, South Africa and Canada have been combined into a two-part article authored by Franz Prenner, egta President, in which he invites readers to explore the current developments in the distribution and monetisation of audiovisual content in Part 1, and the changing business environment around audiovisual advertising sales in Part 2.


Television and radio sales houses have fully embraced their future; the majority of sales houses in Europe have joined forces within egta to more efficiently promote the strengths and quality of their media,” states Katty Roberfroid, egta Secretary General. “Together, they remind industry partners and regulators alike that television and radio remain the only media that offer huge and immediate reach, providing the scaffolding of any campaign that aims to generate awareness, positively impact brand awareness, drive response and lift sales. Television and radio are the most accountable, social, connected, mobile and digital media of all.”

Both articles have been sent to press outlets, newspapers and trade magazines and have gained traction.

Why does this matter to egta members?

With egta currently celebrating its 40th anniversary year, it is more important than ever to both highlight the industry’s strengths but also to identify the changes that will need to be made and the strategies that should be adopted to guarantee future growth. By communicating the thoughts of your Board widely, and by ensuring the voice of television and radio sales houses is heard regularly by the press and the industry at large, egta is committed to raising the profile of our media and promoting the interests of our members.

Target: TV / Radio
Background info

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