14 February 2014
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Radio: the theatre of the mind

As we are sure you are aware, 13th February was World Radio Day, and provided us with an opportunity to remind the world of this great medium and all its strengths: its ability to reach a huge and engaged audience, its exceptional offer to advertisers, its creative power and its potential to innovate for the listeners of today and tomorrow.

In this week’s egtabite we share a creative concept to promote radio. In the framework of World Radio Day, egta decided to highlight one specific feature of radio - its ability to give each listener a unique experience within the theatre of the mind, whilst at the same time conveying messages to millions of people simultaneously via one of the few truly mass media available to marketers.

The Concept

Back in April 2013 egta developed a workshop with the copywriter Tom Garcia as part of its seminar on Radio Advertising Creativity, hosted by Var/VRT in Brussels. As a result egta teamed up again with Tom to create three radio spots to serve as inspiration throughout the year. The spots were revealed on World Radio Day 2014.

Each spot sets up a scene in the listener’s imagination and presents alternative outcomes in each of the executions. By creating different expectations, and through the use of word play, the spots highlight the power of radio to take listeners to alternative places just by using language and sound, creating unique images on the canvases of their imagination.

The spots formed the centerpiece of a wider communication platform; a dedicated website for World Radio Day which also includes examples of radio promotional activities from egta members and industry bodies as well as a competition to design a new promotional campaign for radio, with an FM, DAB+ and Wi-Fi radio up for grabs.

With the support of egta members and a number of partners, and through a vigorous social media campaign, egta generated considerable awareness about World Radio Day and its dedicated platform. Press coverage on the day included the influential Radiopub, Radio World and EU Reporter publications.

Why does this matter to egta members?

All too often, radio advertising is seen simply as a quick and low-cost way to deliver short-term activation messages to the audience, and many spots therefore display little creativity in their conception or execution. By delivering the message that radio advertising can be more effective when used imaginatively, sales houses can ensure that advertisers harness the full use of the medium’s capacity to engage, inspire and ultimately impact brand attitudes and buying intentions.

egta offers the spot concepts and scripts to everyone who considers them relevant for their market. egta would be delighted if the spots are translated into different languages so as to convey the same message to many markets.
Target: Radio

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Background info

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