28 February 2014
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Audioeffekt – A joint research initiative that demonstrates the effectiveness of radio

This week’s egtabite showcases one of the many interesting topics raised at egta’s Research meeting in Warsaw. The two German leading sales houses, RMS and AS&S, joined forces to create a research brand that shows, through hard data, how radio impacts consumers. This initiative is highlighted on egta’s world radio day website amongst other examples of initiatives aimed at promoting radio.

The Concept

RMS and AS&S combined their know-how and expertise to create a new independent market research brand, Audioeffekt, which proves with facts and figures the effectiveness of radio campaigns on sales and brand positioning in a given sector. The main goal of the platform is to analyse and present radio’s strong activation power and to strengthen and improve its image as an advertising medium. Audioeffekt is based on neutral reliable market data and by focusing mainly on the short term effect of campaigns it allows clients to react quickly and optimise their campaigns. The Audioeffekt platform presents itself in two modules: “Sales Effekt” and “Brand Effekt”.

Sales Effekt

This module offers an analysis of radio campaigns' efficiency based on short-term ROI, sales uplift and increased number of consumers. The analysis is based on data from GfK Consumer Panels – 30,000 households with more than 60,000 consumers – providing data on consumers' purchase behaviour related to FMCG products. These figures are then paired with the results of a detailed inquiry about radio usage and advertising expenditures by Nielsen, together demonstrating the uplift in sales and offering a turnover comparison. Sales Effekt compares two very similar groups of consumers; the only difference being whether they were reached by the radio campaign, therefore demonstrating the difference in results with or without radio.

Sales Effekt consisted of 102 cases at the end of 2013, all analysing the short term ROI for the retail and FMCG sectors. Twelve new additional cases will be added to the database in the course of 2014.

Brand Effekt

This module was launched in August 2013 as an addition to the sales component of the platform. It displays radio ad effectiveness for other sectors such as automotive, insurance services and tourism. Brand Effekt shows radio campaign activation levels using the following KPIs: purchase/usage tendency, brand set/brand preference, brand image, advertisement recall and brand awareness.

A weekly CAWI poll on a target group of internet users aged 14 to 69 (n = 200 people/week) provides the necessary data for the analysis of radio and multimedia campaigns’ impact. Results of this analysis show the effect of radio in terms of campaign contact and recognition.

Why does this matter to egta members?

The main challenge for radio as a medium nowadays is to convince potential and current clients of the effectiveness of radio campaigns and the power of radio. Clients often ask for proof and clear indicators showing the ROI to justify placing their budget in radio rather than in TV or online. Audioeffekt is an example of an excellent tool that provides hard data proving the incontrovertible efficiency of radio. It also shows how cooperation among sales houses can benefit both the medium and the radio industry as a whole. The bigger the pie, the better!

Target: Radio
What they said

» Christoph Wild - AS&S
» Uwe Domke - RMS

Background info

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