02 May 2014
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Videoplaza’s Aunia: media owners join forces to create the first private video ad marketplace for broadcasters


In the face of tough economic circumstances and in the view of the traditional strength of media buyers, the Spanish market has been motivated to innovate and be creative, resulting in a unique collaboration between some of the largest broadcasters in Spain.

This week, egta highlights a new initiative by video advertising technology company Videoplaza, who recently launched Aunia, the private video ad marketplace for broadcasters.

The concept

Launched in Spain, Aunia brings together the country’s largest commercial broadcasters into an invitation-only advertising trading club. By working in a closed ecosystem, broadcasters can protect their video inventory’s value and maintain the right level of CPM in a brand safe environment. Brands signed up so far include Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Pernod Ricard, Peugeot and Red Bull.

How does it work?

Videoplaza describes Aunia as “an invitation-only club’ where broadcasters and brands can trade programmatically in a premium environment. Thanks to this private marketplace, broadcasters can protect their inventory value from being diluted with the longtail in an open marketplace.

Likewise, selected brands are given access to the inventory via their media agencies, allowing them to advertise in a brand-safe environment and to buy inventory that sits outside of their usual trading channels.

On the technology side, Aunia offers advertisers and publishers the possibility of adopting the two different models that govern today’s programmatic industry: direct deals and RTB.

The results

Although the project is in its early days, Aunia has already traded over 40 million impressions and the inventory is rapidly growing to above 100 million per month -showing the positive response of the market to this new initiative. Videoplaza claims that additional publishers are signing up to Aunia in the short term. The objective is, of course, to make Aunia the destination of choice for the programmatic trading of video advertising inventory.

Why does this matter to egta members?

Aunia, and similar platforms in countries other than Spain, are designed to meet the challenges of a changing advertising ecosystem and to ensure premium video inventory can be traded in the most beneficial way for buyers and sellers. By allocating significant portions of their video inventory to Aunia, publishers will create a new scalable, highly targetable proposition for buyers.

Co-operative models such as this are not entirely new, and the French market has pioneered publisher co-operatives with companies like La Place Media and Audience Square, representing many of the country’s leading media owners. By pooling inventory in a private exchange, premium publishers are better equipped to compete with the scale offered by ad exchanges and the large tech players. Working together in an exclusive group also helps to protect the premium value of their inventory as buyers become aware that remnant quality inventory is less likely to be picked up for cheap on the open market.


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