12 September 2014
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An interactive social experience: Importing social media in real time into television and radio campaigns


Welcome to a new season of egtabites! This week’s idea worth sharing looks at an innovative concept developed by Nelonen Media (Finland). The power of social media, especially when it comes to TV campaigns, has been shown through various pieces of research. Now, through a campaign with Finnish coffee brand Paulig Brazil and the invention of the “social media spot”, Nelonen Media has shown that social media can not only support but also be at the centre of innovative TV and radio ad campaigns.

The concept

Paulig Brazil is a Finnish coffee brand targeted at young adults (18-35) who are not heavy coffee drinkers. From the brand's perspective, drinking coffee is part of something bigger; it is a social activity that brings people together. Building upon this idea, Nelonen created a campaign that called upon consumers to post pictures on Instagram of times spent with their friends drinking coffee (or activities where coffee was somehow involved e.g. picnics). This campaign fully integrated television, radio and online, using each medium’s strengths: while the call to action was made on radio to a faithful audience, the social posting element took place on Instagram, and the final visual result was shown on television. Not only were the best pictures sent by viewers imported in real time to 30-second TV spots, but status updates and a related Twitter feed with the hashtag # kohtaamisia (encounters) also appeared on screen.

The campaign was also promoted on Loop radio with both spots and on-air calls to action from radio hosts. The station is known for being a modern, social radio channel that interacts with its listeners through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Their social media manager was very active during the campaign by liking and commenting on the pictures, while the hosts of the shows encouraged the listeners to send pictures. Promotional radio spots included Paulig Brazil´s brand message and activation to post pictures. The pictures were also put on the Paulig Brazil website, which had an active “social media wall” with changing content.

The results

Data shows that aided advertising recall was 61% within the target group. The likeability of the advertisement in this target group was 82%, and the reaction to the campaign was high: 53% of people who had seen the campaign had already reacted or intended to react in some way (buying the brand, talking about the brand or recommending it to their friends).

Overall, the advertising was considered funny, inspiring, engaging and creative. Importantly, it was seen as unique and interesting compared to other coffee brands’ campaigns. 

Why does this matter to egta members?

This groundbreaking concept highlights a completely new way of combining social media, television, radio, advertisers and of course, the audience/consumers with two-fold results! An interactive social media campaign increases television’s appeal and gives it an image of a young and modern medium. By using TV and radio, the campaign gains greater reach than it would if it only used social media: Paulig Brazil was present in every social and media dimension in the consumer’s journey, and all sides benefited from it!


Target: TV / Radio
What they said

» Tero Honkala - Nelonen Media


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