26 Sept 2014
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Ground-breaking new real-time advertising offer from TF1 Publicité


Conscious of the always more demanding needs of their clients and following the new trend coming from the US, TF1 Publicité has launched a new offer of Real Time Advertising (RTA) to help advertisers gain greater impact from their campaigns, as well as increase audience engagement with their brands.

The concept

This innovation has the ability to change the TV advertising landscape by allowing advertisers to strengthen and personalise their campaigns almost instantaneously. The premise is simple – the client has the possibility of adapting an existing spot by modifying the text, images, video or colours. The aim is to integrate the recognised strong points of digital and online (immediacy, targeting, contextualisation, flexibility) on to TV. 

TF1 Publicité, as a true cross-media sales house, felt there was a need and demand for an offer like this from their clients. In order to launch the new service, TF1 worked with two recognised experts in RTA - RTAd and ionoco, both of whom have already developed similar initiatives with TV broadcasters in other countries like the UK and the US. The technology is installed directly in TF1 Publicité’s software, enabling the sales house to alter the spot almost immediately based on a set of conditions pre-agreed with the client.

RTA allows the client to reflect the context of the programme within which the spot appears, to promote certain products at certain times as well as to integrate audience reaction (messages, photos, videos etc.) during special events and occasions. Following the announcement of the offer, TF1 Publicité received a wide and positive response from the market; several clients contacted them for more information, and are now considering how to adapt their campaigns to take advantage of this new offer. Some advertisers have already agreed to make use of RTA – the first spots will be aired on 5th October on TF1.

Why does this matter to egta members?

RTA has been on the radar of all actors in the advertising industry in recent times. TF1 Publicité has taken the initiative to reinforce their position as a cross-media sales house by grasping the opportunity that RTA offers. Clients’ reaction to it has proven the need for such innovative formats. Utilising digital and online’s assets to strengthen TV even further has obvious advantages and is an example for all egta members of looking forward to embrace new technologies and proves that, more than ever, television is the biggest social and digital media of all.

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