13 March 2015
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Topical advertising: Brands and Valentine’s Day, a love story

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for brands to launch creative campaigns; it is their chance to use the positive connotation of the day to accompany consumers into personal aspects of their lives: romantic gestures to a special someone.  In France, TF1 Publicité used this day and the possibility of "real time integration" to develop a tailor-made concept for their client Wilkinson.


  • Wilkinson France is already loyal to television advertising (and TF1) and likes to launch creative campaigns to mark Valentine’s Day. In 2013, they celebrated the occasion with a romantic street marketing campaign: some might remember the video featuring the giant poster of a man with thick facial hair, which turned out to be roses when passers-by pulled on them.
  • This year, Valentine’s Day happened to coincide with an episode of The Voice, one of TF1’s most successful programmes: currently in its fourth season in France with a dedicated audience (7,5 million viewers and a 33,4% audience share for the 14th of February 2015 for instance), who are also very active on social networks.
  • TF1 Publicité recently launched a “Real Time Advertising” offer, allowing for more creativity in spots, in an automated way.  See our egtabite n. 66 here.


To reflect Wilkinson’s desire to “stick out in a simple and effective” manner, their agency (MEC) and TF1 Publicité came up with a the following concept: encourage viewers to declare their love on Twitter with the dedicated hashtag #PourToiJeSuisPretA (“for you I would be ready to…”). Between the 8th and the 14th February, TF1 announced that the most romantic tweets would be broadcast live during the 3 advertising breaks of The Voice’s blind auditions, aired on 14th February. In a spot (created by JWT), a man’s face appears hairy at first and is then shaven bit by bit while the romantic tweets appear on screen.


This action was a great success with more than 8 500 tweets and an impressive engagement rate of 3.6% on Twitter. On TV, the 14 spots reached an average of 93.7 GRP and 43.9% reach 1+ on men 15-49 y. (on men 15-34 results are very good too: 65.4 GRP and 34,6% reach 1+). The three spots broadcast during The Voice were seen by 2.5M men 15-49 (including a total of 1M young men 15-34 y.). In total, 10 million viewers (15+) were reached by these spots on that one night alone.

Why does this matter to egta members?

In a world where fragmentation forces brands to be present on all fronts, those sales houses who are able to develop creative multi-platform offers fitting the clients’ needs of instantaneous and incremental reach will come out winning. TF1 Publicité took up the challenge, introduced the real time integration technology on the market and the French clients seem to like it!  

Target: TV
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