20 March 2015
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Radio.likemee: new listener touchpoints, new advertising possibilities

Radio.likemee is a new radio app developed by REGIOCAST in Germany. The platform extends the possibilities of radio into the mobile digital environment, offering an additional contact point to the radio brand and an experience that plays to radio’s strengths. As a flexible platform, Radio.likemee allows radio brands to integrate effective audio and other formats of advertising, extending the array of possible touchpoints with which to reach consumers.

Leipzig-based Radio PSR, the top ranked station in the Saxony region, became the first station to integrate Radio.likemee in January 2015. The launch was supported by the telecommunications company KOMSA with a sponsored competition to win Sony Xperia smartphones.

The philosophy: more personal than ever before

In the era of increasingly personalised and on-demand media choices, REGIOCAST has built on its experience in delivering great radio to ensure that digital follows the listeners, translating brand value for the listener into the online space.

The app is designed to follow the digital listener’s needs throughout the day. Starting with a personalised wakeup call from the morning host, the listener can choose content such as weather, traffic, news and comedy, and there are several radio streams to select depending on the user’s mood and context.

In addition to the wakeup call, the station can insert other personalised messages into the stream, with listeners’ names pre-recorded by the on-air personalities. This functionality gives the station an opportunity to surprise listeners with a service that adapts dynamically to holidays and other special days.

Advertising: adapting to the digital space

Radio.likemee offers REGIOCAST an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the most effective ways to monetise connected and mobile audio. The app allows pre-roll audio ads as well as in-stream substitution alongside display advertising such as splash screens and hover screens.

For launch sponsor KOMSA, Radio PSR held a viral competition to win Sony Xperia Z3 smartphones, for which listeners had to submit videos of themselves destroying their old analogue alarm clocks in imaginative ways. Hundreds of videos were submitted, providing great content for the station’s YouTube page and social media platforms.

As Boris Lochthofen, CEO of Radio PSR explained to egta, the advertising load and format around this personalised radio platform must be considered carefully, balancing the opportunity to monetise against the need to protect the listener’s experience.

With further REGIOCAST stations due to launch branded versions of the app in the coming weeks, Radio.likemee is also available as a white label solution that can be adapted and branded for any station.

Why this matters for egta members

This example from REGIOCAST shows how the best qualities of traditional radio – great content, local relevance and connection to time and place throughout the day – can be translated into the digital space. By offering a compelling listening environment, stations and their sales operations can increase the breadth and sophistication of advertising contact points available to their clients, taking full advantage of connected and mobile audio.

The business objectives of Radio.likemee will feature at egta’s AGM in Budapest on 21-22 May, where it will be presented by REGIOCAST’s Head of Radioservices, Matthias Pfaff.


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