27 March 2015
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MTG delivers double-digit sales growth for Braun shavers

Nordic television broadcaster MTG partnered with MediaCom and Braun, a consumer products subsidiary of Proctor & Gamble, for this highly successful campaign. By leveraging its digital capabilities, access to leading sports broadcast rights and social media, MTG helped drive Braun’s multi-touchpoint campaign, leading to increased awareness, purchase intention and sales results for the company’s shaving products for men.

Using TV and digital to fire up a branded campaign hub

This campaign is built around Braun’s global communication concept “Hold onto your Dreams”, and it uses the company’s new brand ambassador – the multiple F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel – to maximise impact and drive engagement. Vettel’s passion and desire to make his dreams come true match what Braun stands for – hold onto your dreams, no matter what stands in your way!

An online branded campaign hub featured a tailor-made branded test, where visitors could answer sports-related questions about themselves in order to identify the dream experience that matched them the most – with the chance to realise that dream by winning a trip to see the big sports event that fitted their responses. The platform included information about Braun’s values and educational material about the company’s shavers, as well as exclusive content with Sebastian Vettel.

Through the digital partnership with MTG a cross-touchpoint approach was developed to promote Braun’s message, drive engagement with the campaign hub and encourage viewers to participate in the competition. The partnership allowed Braun to be associated with some of the world’s biggest sporting events, including the NHL (ice hockey), NBA (basketball), Champions League (soccer) and PGA Tour (golf), to appear across all of MTG’s digital platforms and integrated social media outlets. MTG also used an IPP solution (In Program Promotion graphical elements) in-TV for the first time - banners with Braun logo and promotion for the competition appeared during the live sport events. Extensive second-screen interactions for the competition were also encouraged by carefully placed on-air mentions by sports show hosts.

Fantastic campaign results

The campaign drew over 800,000 unique visitors to the site; there were more than 3,000 tests; time spent on site was very high, at 2:43 minutes; ad awareness grew 245% among visitors to Viasat sites; and purchase intention of Braun shavers increased by 41%. Most importantly, sales grew by double digits during the campaign.

Mats Nyman, VP Sales at MTG TV Sweden, commented on the success of the campaign for Braun. “We are excited to show how well our MTG online platforms together with our sports rights can carry a large campaign with really great results. We strongly believe in these types of combinations. TV and Online, delivering great campaign effects for our customers.”

Why this matters for egta members

Close cooperation between client, media agency and broadcaster is the most effective way to leverage all available platforms and integrate innovative promotional techniques into programming and second screen applications. In this case, MTG was able to support the client’s branding and communications objectives by perfectly matching the right audience and content with powerful advertising formats, generating impressive results.

Target: TV
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