10 April 2015
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A clever hashtag to launch a new product: How Strictly Come Dancing and MTV successfully supported the launch of Fazer’s new chocolate bar


This week’s egtabite focuses on a multi-channel campaign MTV Finland launched with Fazer, a large Finnish confectionery company, in association with the highly popular show Strictly Come Dancing (also called Dancing with the Stars in other countries). The case study resulting from this campaign was presented by Mari Rasimus at egta’s recent Digital Next Meeting which took place on March 19th in Helsinki.

The concept was simple: Fazer was to introduce a new product on the market and wanted to reach both a large audience, and young and interactive viewers. MTV offered to make use of the fact that their already successful show Strictly Come Dancing attracted an audience made of these viewers. The biggest challenge for Fazer and MTV was to integrate Fazer’s new product in a natural way so as to engage as many viewers as possible.


The idea was to create a link between Fazer’s new chocolate packaging, the dancing show and viewers. The success of this campaign lies mostly on a cleverly created hashtag:  #uudetkuviot. It quickly appeared to be the perfect link between these three entities thanks to the different meanings the expression carries. First, uudetkuviot means “new pattern”, which corresponded with the new chocolate packaging and new campaign slogan for Fazer. Secondly, it means “new moves”, which of course fits perfectly with a dance show. Last but not least, uudetkuviot can also mean “new ideas”, such as the new concept, which was to invite a celebrity for one given episode to be a guest judge.

The last meaning was used within the contest aired on MTV, which was to guess who the next guest judge for the upcoming episode would be. During the show, Fazer published clues on their Twitter account to encourage viewers to tweet their best guesses with the hashtag #uudetkuviot. The interaction with the show was therefore made in a seamless, natural way. Furthermore, the contest’s prizes of either chocolate or chance to attend the next episode created genuine enthusiasm amongst the audience, as they kept on tweeting about it, despite the answer being already revealed.


Social media results were really impressive: 29,900 tweets for the show’s hashtag #TTK, 4,800 #Uudetkuviot tweets, 1,033 unique users and a Twitter reach of 475,000 people. However the most interesting fact was the clear higher effectiveness of the campaign’s impact and purchase intent among social media users. According to the figures, active viewers (i.e. social media users), were always more engaged with the advertised product (see chart).

Why does this matter to egta members?

This case is a good example of brand integration into a programme with a strong audience affinity. The choice of the right programme guaranteed a successful, coherent campaign, whilst the choice of the hashtag added to the genius of this integrated sponsorship case. This case study proves once again that viewers are willing to interact with brands, provided the link with the programme they are watching makes sense and brings them added value or unique content. This is even more true for social media users, who are fast to react and keen to participate, but who can be picky on the attention they give to brands. As broadcasters are looking into ways to engage with their viewers during the time they spend online to offer them a real integrated branded experience, examples such as the Fazer case are good cases to build upon.  


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What they said

» MTV - Mari Rasimus

“Fazer's campaign is an excellent example of a new way to integrate the advertiser into 2nd Screen and SocialTV buzz. If..."

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