22 May 2015
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Building the bridge towards an eGRP in Switzerland

This week’s egtabite looks at Switzerland’s efforts to find a common currency metric for television and online video: the eGRP.

The Swiss market mirrors many European countries, with increasing fragmentation of media usage, the convergence of media platforms themselves and high interest in extending the application of programmatic trading to advertising around television content. Several initiatives have been introduced in Switzerland as the industry seeks to find an effective solution to the convergent currency puzzle, including the launch of Goldbach Group’s eGRP calculator.

Calculating the eGRP

The Goldbach eGRP allows for maximum comparability of television and instream video by combining Kantar TV values and online social demographics based on targeting data such as login user profiles and behavioural targeting. This approach has been designed to unlock increased investment in online video, which when used in combination with TV offers high advertising impact, by aligning the two metrics and allowing both platforms to be booked via a common media booking tool – Goldbach Media’s Mediapro.

The first step in Goldbach Group’s convergent gross currency approach is the Goldbach eGRP Calculator. Users can insert their desired GRP level or budget, choose a campaign period, target group, language and video advertising offer. The video offer comprises the Goldbach Video Network (GVN), Wilmaa and IP Deutschland. GVN includes over 60 premium websites and apps, including leading television stations, OTT TV services such as Zattoo and Teleboy and a range of publishers and other video providers. Wilmaa is Switzerland’s leading IPTV platform, offering more than 200 channels (with subscription), and IP Deutschland includes RTL’s German stations.

The second step enables the buying of eGRPs through two booking systems. Campaigns on Wilmaa could already be bought using the Goldbach television booking tool, and this was extended to the entire video inventory in the second quarter of 2015. Alternatively, video eGRP bookings may be made through an online front-end system. The programmatic buying of inventory using eGRPs is the next evolution in trading to follow.

Towards a converged media future

The third step integrates booking using a single currency via a single platform. Goldbach’s multi-screen reporting tool –TAO – already allows clients to track, analyse and optimise their campaigns across television, online display, search, social media and other digital channels. The vision for the group’s future is to converge the most profitable media – TV, video, mobile and connected TV. The company believes in taking a user-centric approach, moving away from thinking about channels in isolation, and this requires the support of a combined planning, booking, delivery and reporting across all channels, whether they be online or offline. True campaign impact analysis needs all media channels to be integrated into a single comparable currency.

Why this matters for egta members

As viewers increasingly turn to multiple devices and screens to consume television content, advertisers are looking for integrated solutions that allow them to book campaigns across linear television, online video and other channels. In addition to technical platforms for campaign management, common trading metrics facilitate the planning, buying and analysis of cross-platform advertising, and models such as the eGRP are central to the debate on the future of television advertising in the digital era.



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