GenAI content creation partnership with RMS


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Background information

AudioStack is an international technology provider specializing in innovative AI-based audio production. RMS is the biggest private radio sales house in Germany. In a groundbreaking move for the German advertising market, RMS has entered into a strategic partnership with AudioStack. This collaboration introduces a platform that leverages cutting-edge technologies such as text-to-speech, voice cloning, and AI-based post-production, enabling fully automated and scalable creation of audio content. The covering of the entire audio production process is just eight seconds. This allows customers the unique opportunity to create scalable, personalized audio spots for diverse audiences within a campaign.

SunExpress Airlines was the first airline in Germany to use AI creation for an audio campaign. The airline was on air during the well-known Black Week with the online audio campaign “Happy Deals”, positioning itself as an innovative underdog in the market. The spot was successful, exceeding the coverage of other campaigns as such.

About the tool stands out as the world’s leading infrastructure solution for fully automated, scalable AI audio production. Leveraging innovative technologies, brands and agencies can build complex audio production workflows in record time. This groundbreaking partnership promises to reshape the audio advertising landscape, providing advertisers with unprecedented speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in creating captivating audio content.

Matthias Schenk, Head of Partner Management at RMS says: “Advertisers for whom testing audio advertising was previously too expensive and time-consuming can easily get a suitable creation at an excellent price-performance ratio with this AI solution. In this way, we are significantly lowering the barrier to entry into communication via audio (…) It is exciting for us to work with our customers to develop completely new possibilities for designing advertising material and addressing end customers via audio channels. AudioStack is currently the best partner for this.