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Online masterclass - Speaking the language of the CFO with Ian Whittaker

23 January 2024 - 13 February 2024 - ONLINE ZOOM MEETING


About the event

Online Masterclass - Speaking the language of the CFO with Ian Whittaker

Speaking the language of the Chief Financial Officer: Understanding financial decision-making from the perspectives of advertisers 


4 sessions of 90 minutes, every Tuesday from 15:00 to 16:30 CET from 23 January to 13 February 2024


Understand the various pressures and influential factors that shape advertisers' financial strategies and guide their budgetary decisions when it comes to brand advertising.
Uncover how to position advertising as a strategic investment, resonating with top-tier decision-makers and their budgetary priorities.
Gain some advice on how to speak their language and adjust your commercial communication accordingly.

This is designed as an interactive course. Participants will be encouraged to contribute actively throughout the programme. The last session in particular will involve the analysis of a real case study, where participants will be expected to draw on the learnings from the programme to create an example action plan.

Target group: 

Sales and marketing teams working directly with brands.
This training is aimed at executives who want to rethink the way they convince brands about the benefits of TV and radio advertising and adapt their marketing and sales strategy and toolkit.


750€ per participant for the entire Masterclass programme
Limited to two participants per egta member company (a total of approx 30 participants per Masterclass allows for greater interaction). 
Please communicate the invoicing information to [email protected]




Cancellation policy:

Please consider that this is a self-financed project, with a limited number of participants. 
If a participant, therefore, cancels his/her participation in a short delay before the start of the training (up to 3 weeks), the fee for the training still has to be paid. Of course, egta will always try to find a solution by reaching out to other egta members and find a last-minute replacement. If such replacement is found, the invoice can be cancelled. If not, the outstanding invoice will have to be paid by the participating company for whom the seat had been kept in the first place.

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