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RTL AdAlliance

Type: Pan-European / Global

Country: Pan-European

Address: 43, Boulevard Pierre Frieden – 1543 Luxembourg

Phone: +352 421 42 47 21


Stakeholders: RTL Group

Status of the company: Owned by the channel

Type of company: Private

Number of employees: 96

Contact details

CEO of the sales house/Head of Sales dpt

Name: Stéphane Coruble

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Contact person

Name: Ans Peetermans

Reference person

CEO – Head of Sales House

Stéphane Coruble

Head of Sales

Simone Blei

Head of Marketing

Daniel Bischoff

Head of Strategic Development

Christophe Loisel

Head of Communication / PR

Carine Jean-Jean

Head of Digital

Head of Special ads or special formats

Nicole Haman

HR Director

Karine Blondin


Baptiste Prat

Market data

RTL AdAlliance is the international total video sales house of RTL Group and partners (ITV, Rai, Goldbach Media, De Persgroep), providing a unique and simplified access to RTL Group’s Total Video portfolio for international advertisers and agencies.  Their tailored services provide access to international markets ensuring the right media decisions are made for your business. They achieve this across a growing portfolio of 100+ TV channels, 300+ digital platforms and 30+ radio stations, across 17 global offices and local agents.  RTL AdAlliance has introduced the VMP (Video Market place) in 2018 allowing clients to access all digital inventory of the RTL Group within one packaged solution.


They work closely with their local station partners to combine a global expertise and local relevance across multiscreen, multi-market strategies


Other activities:


Commercialise other media

Digital platforms (including VOD, MCNs, YouTube channels) & Radio

Sell advertising on channels’ websites


Sell advertising on behalf of other website owners

Yes (RTL Play)

Commercialise VOD offers

Yes: TV Now, RTL XL, ,6play, RaiPlay, ITV Hub, AtresPlayer

Commercialise Catch-up service

Commercialise Other platform / application / service





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