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Type: TV & Radio

Country: Switzerland

Address: Giacomettistrasse 1; 3000 Bern 31

Phone: +41 31 350 91 11



Status of the company: Independent

Type of company: Public

Number of employees: 6000

Contact details

CEO of the sales house/Head of Sales dpt

Name: Andres Palomares

Title: Head of Commercial Exploitation SRG SSR

Contact person

Name: Andres Palomares

Market data

Ownership/status of the TV channels/radio stations commercialised by the sales house: Public
Type of TV channels commercialised by the sales house: Combination of Free-to-air (SRG SSR) and thematic (My Sports)

Names of TV channels commercialised by the sales house:
SRG : SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF Info, RTS Un, RTS Deux, RSI La 1, RSI La 2
Others : TF1, TMC, TFX, MySport D / F,
Names of radio stations commercialised by the sales house:
SRG (Radio only Sponsorship)ing: Radio SRF 1, Radio SRF 3, Radio SRF Musikwelle, La 1ère, Couleur 3, Option Musique, Espace 2, Rete Uno, Rete Due, Rete Tre, Radio Rumantsch
Other media commercialised by the sales house:  Teletext.
Until April also Print and Digital. But from April 2020 only Broadcast.


Audience share of the channels commercialised by your sales house


Total (linear TV): 33.55%

Source: XXX


Sales house’s market share:


Total (TV): 31% (S1,, MySports D, MySports F: not reported) 

Source: XXX



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