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egta members can contact the team each time they have a question related to television/video or radio/audio advertising.

In so doing, they can benchmark themselves against other similar companies in Europe and beyond, and feed answers and learnings directly into their strategies and decision-making. The answers to members' questions may be found in existing databases or by drawing on work carried out on a similar topic in the past. If not, egta conducts surveys either amongst the whole of its membership or, when appropriate, in smaller subsets of members.

How does it work?

egta works on a "give and take"-basis : Please note that the results of surveys conducted by egta are made available to members who contributed to the survey. If you don't have access to a certain document despite being logged in as a member, it means that your company did not contribute to a given question. Don't worry, you can request the empty questionnaire at all times, and we shall open the access to the full set of answers the minute you send us back your answers.


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egta request on planning simulation tools online (TV&Radio)

18 December 2019

The request looks at examples of planning simulation tools for radio or TV that would be available online for a potential client.


Request on TV channels targeting youth (TV)

4 September 2019

This request looks into how young people (15-25 years) are targeted in media today, and specifically about the prevalence of youth TV channels.


Request on Sales House Structure and Creative Departments (TV)

3 September 2019

This request looks at the organisational structures of sales houses, as well as the structure of creative departments


Request on Zero ratings (TV)

30 August 2019

This request looks into how zero-rated spots are priced and what the prevalence of zero ratings is in various markets


Request on Training Courses for Agencies and Advertisers (TV)

9 July 2019

This request looks into different training initiatives among sales houses for agencies aimed at re-educating (and re-motivating) planners - especially those who are digitally native.



Request on shortening ad breaks (TV)

28 June 2019

This request looks into different initiatives on shortening the ad load




Survey on VOD / Catch-up platforms (TV)

20 June 2019

This survey helps to get a better understanding of what SVOD and AVOD mean for our members business and to provide you with a useful benchmark.

The survey consists of 3 parts:


Request on Addressable TV planning/self-service tool (TV)

18 June 2019

This request looks at the availability of addressable TV among members, and specifically whether a planning/self-service tool for addressable TV campaigns is in use.


Request on transparency in agency commissions

24 March 2019

This request looks at national legal and self-regulatory frameworks when it comes to agency commission and kickbacks.


Request on podcasting (RADIO)

22 March 2019

An overview of podcasting consumption, monetisation & revenue sources with examples of European initiatives. Compilation of research, articles and presentations.


Request on TV's daily reach in 2018

8 March 2019

Request on TV’s daily reach for main target groups from 2011 to 2018.

Insights on channels which grew in reach in the last year.


Request on Third-Party Data Tracking on Broadcasters’ Websites (TV)

22 February 2019

This request explores broadcasters’ approaches and policies towards third-party cookie data collection and how they ensure compliance with GDPR


Compilation on Radio drives traffic to the web research + case studies

14 February 2019

Online activity and interactions with brands are essential part of people’s lives and radio has proven itself to be a great driver of web search and traffic to advertisers’ websites. It’s essential to have studies like the ones in this compilation, to correctly attribute the effect radio has on online activity and to prove to clients, what triggered this activity in a first place.


Request on TV audience buying

14 January 2019

egta request looking at audience buying and audience segmentation in order to provide a benchmarking on this innovation.



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