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adremes - increasing profits with automation and data driven campaigns. In linear audio.

adremes is the only European communication and trading platform for linear audio (radio, FM, DAB+, webcast) and audio advertising. The innovative platform is fully cloud-based and provides solutions for the complete automation of booking processes for radio advertising inventory – thus allowing programmatic advertising in radio and making the inventory available to the entire market. Automated and in real time.


In addition, the adremes tools allow radio stations and their sales houses to optimise their radio advertising space by using "added data", a set of data triggers such as weather, sport, events, etc. and automatically broadcast the adequate audio ads at the time selected by the customers. The platform increases the efficiency of communication and trading structures and reduces the operational costs.


adremes already provides interfaces to classic radio systems (scheduling and playout systems) and continues in providing further potential interfaces. More than 200 radio stations are currently using adremes with great success.


-          fully automated data driven advertising in linear audio

-          campaign booking data based and in real time

-          efficient and cost saving audio advertising

-          transactions worth 1.5 billion euros have already been implemented with adremes




radio stations, audio publishers, sales houses



RMS Radio Marketing Services GmbH & Co. KG – Hamburg, Germany

BLW Bayerische Lokalradio-Werbung GmbH – Nuremberg, Germany

Swiss Radioworld AG – Zurich, Switzerland

radio NRW GmbH – Oberhausen, Germany






added data


Programmatic & automated trading

Supply-side platform (SSP)


Nico Aprile (CEO)

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Karna Brennecke (COO / Head of Product Management)

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Donovan Wittern (Sales & Marketing Manager)

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Alstertor 9 – 20095 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 4191 06 99 – 800

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