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Business case studies No 257 - 18.04.2019

Real-time radio spots showcase the immediacy of radio

The situation in financial and investment markets is as dynamic as traffic, it changes every minute. The CSOB bank decided to capitalise on this with their new radio campaign together with Radio Expres, the most listened-to commercial radio in Slovakia for the last 15 years, with a 22,4% market share.

Creative ad format

CSOB has a wide range of investment experts that carefully monitor the fluctuations of the financial markets. CSOB and Radio Expres decided to use this know-how to create a unique campaign that focused on the investment consultancy services. Instead of a classic 30s spot, which in this specific sector loses its immediate relevance after it is placed on air, they decided to create a real-time investment radio segment.

This special piece of branded content informed listeners about the current developments on the stock exchange and shared breaking news in the world of finance; all this in a language familiar to radio listeners – in the same instantly recognisable tone and wording of traffic information: “Investors in Frankfurt do not report any delays... traffic on European markets is currently very smooth… there is a congestion at the American Central Bank…. the reduced visibility on Brexit's outcome is complicating financial trading …Invest safely!” It perfectly highlighted immediacy as one of radio’s main strengths.

Experts from the bank daily prepared material for the broadcast based on their monitoring of the financial markets. The exciting aspect of the partnership between CSOB and Radio Expres was the unpredictability; the client never knew what the next spot would sound like. It required a certain amount of bravery and trust from the client, as well as close cooperation between all the parties involved - the client, the radio station, the creative agency (MUW Saatchi & Saatchi) and the media agency.

The campaign ran for five days during which 15 unique spots were created. It was also supported by online video and communication on Instagram and Facebook that generated positive reactions and feedback from the listeners.

The client was very happy with the final campaign and the format has great potential to be further developed in the future.





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