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 СТС MEDIA to run cross media project competition at MIPTV in Cannes

The concept

In this 5th edition of the egta bites, egta would like to share the initiative of one of its Russian members: CTC Media joined forces with Ailove (advertising agency) and MTS (Russian advertiser: mobile operator) to organise the “Content 360 - cross media projects competition” at this year’s edition of MIPTV (Cannes, April 8th to 11th). The objective of “Content 360”, an international pitching competition launched in 2007, is to discover and showcase new talents in digital and cross-media production.

The idea behind this year’s contest is for any Russian or international production company, advertising agency or independent entity to apply with cross-media concepts based on compelling fictional storytelling that generate audience engagement and interaction with the MTS brand as well as trigger active use of mobile internet. The use of gaming, live events and dual-screen content are strongly encouraged. On March 18th, the jury composed of CTC, Ailove and MTS will pick five finalists who will be invited to Cannes to present their projects. The winner will receive a prize of €5,000 and see its campaign for MTS broadcast on CTC’s channels and digital extensions.

The winner will gain exposure to over 11,000 TV, video and advertising industry executives from all over the world, including potential business partners (broadcasters, distributors, digital platforms, brands, advertising agencies, technology companies, and independent producers). The winner will also benefit from good press coverage and a report from MIPTV's Daily News (circulation: 24,000 executives).

This is the first time that such a competition will be run by Russian companies and the first time Russian concepts will be selected from a competition of this scale.

Why does this matter for egta members?

In a time where broadcasters are working hard to prove that they have embraced the digital age, it seems to be a particularly advantageous period to take part in such an initiative to build company image. Additionally, in the frame of such a recognised and well known event, the exposure to all actors involved is significant and should help to highlight the work that can be done between agencies, broadcasters and advertisers on creative projects, thus promoting television and its digital extensions.

Target: TV
What they said ...

» Yulia Mitrovich - CTC Media
» Anna-Maria Treneva - CTC Media
» Oleg Zhdanov - Ailove
» Yaroslav Smirnov - MTS

 Background info

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