11 September 2015
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Be Neuro, Be Effective

egtabites welcomes you back after the summer – the team hopes you had a great break and enjoyed some relaxation and sunshine!

Back to the business of television …

This week, the egtabite showcases an innovative advertising concept from Atresmedia Publicidad. Having teamed up with the neuromarketing experts at Brain House Institute to better understand how the human brain responds to TV advertising, Atresmedia developed a new concept to increase viewers’ attention in ad breaks, using a series of short clips inserted before spots.

The research

It has long been recognised that viewers may turn their attention away from commercial messages to some extent during advertising breaks. Therefore spots such as the first and last in break have traditionally been valued higher by advertisers. The new neuroscience research titled Be Neuro, Be Effective, sought to understand what could be done to maintain attention throughout the break and therefore increase the effectiveness of advertising on TV. As viewers increasingly use connected devices whilst watching, there are more competing stimuli than ever before.

The Brain House and Atresmedia researchers analysed the neurological response to stimuli, and they identified a number of keys that notably increase viewers’ attention during ad breaks. These findings allowed Atresmedia to develop an innovative solution for delivering higher ad effectiveness.

Attention triggers

With this in mind Atresmedia started inserting short pieces of video, which may or may not be animated, into prime time commercial breaks, and these are designed to increase viewers’ attention to advertising messages. Three different types of clip have been developed.

The first type features material that is contextually related to the advertising sector or industry that is represented in the spot that follows it, for example the sound of an engine revving just before a car advert is played. The second type presents fun facts or poses questions for viewers to consider, such as “what is the height of the world’s tallest man?” And the third type of message gives a countdown, informing the audience when there are just three spots to go before the end of the break. Click on the picture below to see video with the examples of clips:

The use of these triggers was found to increase the average level of attention during commercial breaks by 22%, and as a result, the average memory for brands featured in these breaks rose by 13%.

By enhancing the quality and effectiveness of its advertising breaks, Atresmedia is able to deliver a better service to its advertiser clients.

Creative clip to get industry's attention and recognition

Atresmedia Publicidad and the Brain House Institute won an award at the 2015 AEDEMO Seminar. The initiative is supported by an entertaining video, which uses scenes from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street to highlight Atresmedia’s approach to boosting ad effectiveness.

As a follow up, Atresmedia organised special meetings with media agencies where the research was presented. To further increase the impact of the study an advertorial was published by Atresmedia in the trade press which created a positive buzz.

Why this matters to egta members

Today’s cluttered marketing environment can make it harder for brands to cut through during commercial breaks. By applying neuromarketing research techniques, sales houses can better understand how viewers respond to television advertising, allowing them to develop smart initiatives like Atresmedia’s attention triggering video pieces. What makes this case interesting is also the fact, that Atresmedia developed a strong B2B strategy to promote its research, raising awareness of both TV's effectiveness and of the sales house's activities.

Target: TV
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Background info

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