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Radio creativity

This week’s egta bite is inspired by our recent workshop, kindly hosted by Var, that focused on creativity in radio advertising. Since we heard many inspiring and great ideas that all underlined the importance of creativity for radio advertisement, we decided to share five of them with you and hopefully spark your own creative concepts.

RAB free app #LoveRadioAds

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) supports radio advertising creativity by developing an app that enables listeners to search, browse and listen to various radio ads (searched by keyword, decade, agency, brand, award and category). The aim is to share the love of radio with advertisers and the public and to help agencies to use the medium more effectively and creatively. The app was created in response to demand from media and creative agencies to provide examples of creativity in radio advertising and to demonstrate radio's effectiveness. By putting a vast range of radio ads directly into people's hands it does just that.

RMS Austria Texterworkshop

To increase awareness around radio advertising and consequentially the quality of radio ads, RMS created a workshop for young potential copywriters. Twenty participants come together with experienced tutors and a client that has not done radio commercials before. It involves the conception, development and writing of commercials together with a customer briefing, and production of ads in sound studio. Clients may then choose from the spots and consequently it creates real economic value for RMS running to thousands of Euros. But the revenue isn’t the only positive outcome, as spots produced within this workshop have gained great recognition at the sales house’s Ramses Awards.

Professional accreditation for creative radio advertising

Another great project to support creativity within radio is uCreate, a partnership between UTV Media and Riviera Media Group in the UK. This offers a unique hands-on opportunity for students to write and produce radio commercials using actual real world briefs from major brands. This initiative works in cooperation with a radio station approaching a client that provides advertising briefs, students then work under coaching to deliver a final spot. The best work is then broadcasted. For both client and radio group there is a benefit in raising brand awareness and media exposure as well as showing a community engagement and increasing air time sales. In UK there are over 800 schools participating in this project, which forms part of a wider programme of education, qualifications and professional accreditation.

RMS Germany - RMS Kreation

RMS, as the leading German audio marketer, aimed to lift the creative quality of audio advertising and wanted to prove that audio advertising can effectively support more than just short-term sales targets. Therefore they decided to launch RMS Kreation, which offers a full set of services from analysis to production of spots. The sales house analyses spots in terms of impact and appeal, brand fit, brand impact, product benefit and creative details, optimise it to produce a new version or create a spot completely from scratch. The work has been proven to improve the branding and impact of spots. All this helps RMS gain new business and clients by increasing the value of radio.

Goldbach Media Marketingrappen

In order to expand the position of radio as a medium on the Swiss media market, Goldbach Media came up with an idea for joint promotion for radio - Marketingrappen (Marketing cent). It’s a joint venture of 35 Swiss radio stations and Goldbach Media, whereby each station pays 2 cents per paid national second and Goldbach then doubles the amount. This allows financing of promotional spots, a radio spot database, an award for the best spots and a campaign called Radio-the better choice! in print. As a result, radio is being talked about again.

Why does this matter for egta members?

The initiatives showcased throughout the day clearly demonstrate that focusing on creativity within radio advertising can both positively affect the image of the medium in the eyes of advertisers and agencies as well as generate significant additional revenues. The benefits for sales houses can be stronger relationships with their clients and a more attractive bottom line. egta looks forward to seeing what great initiatives you are doing in your own market!

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What they said ...

» Clare Bowen - RAB UK
» Viktoria Kaspar- RMS Austria
» Peter Stone - Riviera Media Group
» Tanja Hagen - RMS Germany
» Jessica Wonneberger - Goldbach Media

 Background info

Please click on the links below to access the relevant documents:

Presentations from the egta Radio Creativity Day:

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» RMS Austria- Texterworkshop

» RMG - uCreate & Creative Radio Advertising exams

» RMS Germany - RMS Kreation

»Goldbach Media - Marketingrappen

 #LoveRadioAds live
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