20 May 2016
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Synchronising radio and digital OOH: a campaign for the Netherlands' top insurance provider

This week, egtabite brings you a cross media, programmatic advertising campaign involving radio ... but in an unusual way.

The campaign used radio spots for the Netherland’s largest insurance provider to trigger synchronised digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising: drivers who were likely exposed to the audio messaging were therefore also reached by the visual creative when they were in close proximity to the DOOH billboards.

Smart and effective!

The concept

Mediasynced, an Amsterdam-based company, has been synchronising advertising campaigns between offline and online media types since 2012. A data point, for example a change in weather conditions or an ad campaign on TV or Radio  is used to trigger advertising on one or more other media. The synchronisation allows the commercial deals behind the different elements of the campaign to be un-related, and it introduces a dynamic aspect that can be used to maximise impact.

The engine of the system is an automated programmatic exchange, with an input and output. The selected data point (input) triggers delivery of a campaign when certain parameters are met (output); by increasing the bid price in response to a radio ad being aired, for example, impressions on DOOH units can be synchronously delivered at exactly the moment they will achieve the highest effectiveness.

The Centraal Beheer campaign

The client was looking to increase sales of car insurance and gain share in a highly competitive market. Mediasynced’s new product allowed the advertiser’s messaging to be shown on the programmatic outdoor screens and digital displays in Shell petrol stations around the Netherlands just as Centraal Beheer’s radio spots were playing out on radio sets, for the most part during the morning commute.

Linking radio and DOOH was quite experimental – the OOH inventory currently available for programmatic buys in the Netherlands is limited – but Centraal Beheer saw positive results.

Opportunities for TV and Radio broadcasters

Synchronisation is an opportunity to introduce smart targeting to advertising campaigns, which Mediasynced also uses to sync TV and radio campaigns with online campaigns, particularly for non-linear content.

Mediasynced now also offers TV and Radio measurement to prove the effect of TV and radio on online visits.

We constantly work with media agencies and their advertisers to optimise and prove the effects of TV and radio advertising. And with the future of programmatic TV advertising we foresee even closer cooperations with broadcasters too”, says Mark van de Crommert, CEO of Mediasynced.

Why this matters to egta members

Connecting TV and radio campaigns with other traditional or digital media requires unconventional thinking, as over-the-air broadcast lacks the return path data of digital media. Mediasynced's concept combines the dynamic campaign delivery of programmatic marketing with traditional mass media.

Also, Mediasynced’s new TV and Radio performance measurement will help to prove the positive effects of TV and Radio on online visits and behaviour.

Target: Radio
Background info

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