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 An innovative case study from PRO PLUS Slovenia

The Concept

How to develop a marketing strategy that offers a win-win for all involved? That is the topic of this week’s egta bite. The idea worth sharing comes from PRO PLUS (the leading private broadcaster in Slovenia), who created an innovative integrated advertising story that extensively engaged a client over and above normal programme sponsorship, led to outstanding sales results and generated added value in terms of brand strengthening.

The goal of PRO PLUS was to create something revolutionary that people would talk about the day after they saw it and that would increase brand awareness among all viewers.

 In cooperation with a creative production team, the retail store SPAR and the advertising agency Formitas, PRO PLUS developed a concept for the partnership project SPAR - Price Reduction. The aim was to engage with viewers of the late Saturday night show: Vid and Pero Show on POP TV. In each episode, the hosts of the show, Vid and Pero, reduced the price of a product sold in SPAR. How? They chose someone from the audience to participate in an entertaining game of skill that involved the successful accomplishment of a given task. The reduction of the price (in percentage terms) depended on the contestant's achievement. This led to emotional involvement of the audience in support of the contestant, who competed for his or her benefit as well as theirs. The price of the product was reduced in SPAR supermarkets for the following two days. The sales result for products that saw price reductions was remarkable. Indeed, when the price of Barcaffe coffee was reduced by 50%, several months’ worth of stock was sold in less than a day!

Why does this matter to egta members?

This example of creative strategy is a win-win to everyone involved. The client benefited from an interactive and efficient campaign with audience involvement plus significantly higher sales of the featured products. The creative agency proved that they can serve their client’s needs and can develop unique tailor-made projects. The media agency managed to extend the budget beyond the classical sponsorship deal, and the production company received third-party revenues for production services. Finally, PRO PLUS gained additional income and deepened the sales house’s relationship with both its client and the agencies involved, which committed to cooperate on further projects. Additionally, they managed to create a strong connection between brands and produced an added value in terms of brand strengthening.

Target: TV
What they said ...

» Aleš Muhič - Sales Director, PRO PLUS

 Video spots

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