29 November 2013
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Strengthening brand recognition: an advertising jingle turned into a song

This week’s egtabite showcases an innovative radio campaign that used a popular advertising jingle turned into a song to both engage the audience and strengthen brand recognition.

The concept


In 2007 popular Belgian musicians Alec Mansion and Thom Dewatt wrote and performed a 30-second jingle called “La cuisine de ma vie” (The kitchen of my life) for the kitchen brand eggo. This jingle has since become strongly associated with the eggo brand due to it being used in all their TV and Radio spots.

In early 2013 the authors decided to turn this jingle into a real full length song entitled “La chanson de ma vie” (The song of my life). This song was then made available on YouTube and iTunes and played on radio stations - including the most popular station for the French-speaking part of Belgium, Bel RTL - for several weeks.

The song played a key role in the promotional campaign organised by IP and the station Bel RTL together with eggo at the end of February 2013. Listeners were asked to sing on air a personalised version of “La chanson de ma vie” with their own lyrics in order to win a brand new kitchen from eggo. This lasted for a week with four contestants per day. An additional question was asked in order to determine the winner, who then received a complete kitchen from eggo.

The contest received significant interest among listeners, as almost 600 people subscribed to participate in the competition. eggo also supplemented the radio campaign with a new TV spot, promoted the competition online (through banners, newsletters, Facebook), and through flyers.

The success of the campaign resulted in even stronger brand recognition for eggo. “La chanson de ma vie” is a standalone song that does not mention the brand explicitly; however, it still works as an advertisement thanks to the strong association between the melody and the brand.

Why does this matter to egta members?

This creative engagement of the radio audience proved to be beneficial for all the parties involved. The sales house strengthened its relationship with the advertiser by providing a different type of promotion on top of the traditional spot. The advertiser managed to strengthen both its brand image and the association between the brand and the now popular song.  Finally, it worked very well as a tool to successfully engage listeners, who got a chance to participate and perform live on air on their favourite station while competing for a brand new kitchen.

Finally, this case enabled the sales house to prove the efficience of audio branding.


Target: Radio
What they said

» Steven Van den Audenaerde - IP Radio Belgium
» Paul David - eggo

Background info

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