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Business case studies No 396 - 16.09.2022

In this week’s egtabite we introduce the atmedia index research studies published by the Czech sales house atmedia. The index, focused on the TV and VOD markets, provides its readers with an in-depth analysis of the local environment, helping the various players navigate the Czech market, retain viewers and gain them.

First launched in 2021, the atmedia index focuses on three main market areas: TV channels, VOD services and paid versus free TV.

TV channels

The atmedia index offers a comparison of Czech TV channels. It is an audience indicator, published twice a year, based on a viewers’ survey where TV channels are rated across seven attributes such as customer experience, client satisfaction and viewers' loyalty per channel.

“This gives TV channels an opportunity to learn in which areas they are comparatively strong and where there is room for improvement. It can help them to strengthen the TV brand and increase its appeal. The atmedia index works as an addition the people meter data,” says Michaela Suráková, Managing Director at Atmedia Czech.

VOD services

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The study also provides a standardised report on the available VOD services in the Czech Republic, both paid and free. The VOD market is updated quarterly. The data includes the number of subscriptions, how many Czechs plan to start using VOD services in the next 12 months, their willingness to pay, why they choose VOD and why they don't. It also monitors how many SVOD services are actually being paid for and how many are not.

“The information is particularly useful for players that are entering the local VOD market. It provides insights that are crucial to develop the right strategy and business model, especially at times when the VOD market is developing at such rapid rate with new players frequently entering the market," says Michaela. In the future editions, Atmedia will focus on switchers - those users who may subscribe to a VOD service for a short period before cancelling it.

Pay TV / Free TV

As with the VOD services, the report also standardises information on the use of pay TV and free TV in the Czech Republic. It reveals how many Czechs subscribe to TV channels, how many plan to subscribe in the next 12 months, how much they are willing to pay, why they use the services and why not.

For Pay TV operators, the study shows the motivations behind many Czechs’ decision to not pay for TV subscriptions. It can help them to come up with the right marketing strategies to convince them otherwise. In this regard, the Czech Republic is one of few exceptions in Europe with a very high rate of Free TV-only usage. 44% of Czechs do not have an access to paid TV channels. There is a clear room for growth here,” Michaela explains.

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Revenue diversification

By processing, packaging and selling the vast information gathered from over 8 thousand viewers, the atmedia index is an example of revenue diversification by a sales house. The data is collected by Nielsen Admosphere and processed by atmedia.

For atmedia, the project serves two strategic goals, in addition to revenue diversification. First, many atmedia clients are global media brands and the publications allows the sales house to act as their “eyes and ears” in the local market. “We want to help the companies navigate the Czech market and help them grow. The studies provide them with a lot of useful information,” says Michaela.

Second, the studies establish atmedia as the expert on the Czech TV and VOD market. “It strengthens our brand. Since launch, we have published several press releases and infographics that have appeared in industry media. The atmedia index results have become a regular part of the industry news. Thanks to this, our brand is more visible than before.” According to Michaela, the product has been well received by the market and has been sold to several TV channels and operators. “That shows us that the results can serve them as beneficial and the study is useful to accelerate growth in the Czech TV market, whilst establishing our brand as a partner in the market” Michaela says.

More information and free examples of the reports can be found here (TV) and here (VOD). We also invite you to visit the atmedia index website.



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