3 October 2014
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Harnessing the power of digital for music

This week’s egtabite looks at the work in the digital music field currently being developed by YFm, South Africa’s most popular youth station, and how this has opened two sources of new or increased revenues. YFm has understood the need to harness the power of digital media and to balance this with the station’s music and on-air content in order to entertain its audience and provide its advertisers with a holistic service.

The concept

The introduction of new concepts in digital media in line with YFm’s core audience and brand has ignited advertisers' interest in a timeslot that has typically been overlooked – the late evening slot. By delivering local, relevant content, coupled with a cross-platform strategy, the broadcaster is deepening its engagement with the audience and attracting clients. This content can also be sold directly to the listener, opening a revenue source that would otherwise not exist.

YFm’s digital content division extends the boundaries of the station’s regular radio programming, and by keeping content development in-house the broadcaster retains its edge: the project team understands YFm’s brand and how the station delivers its product on-air. The in-house digital team consists of developers, designers and content aggregators, and together they develop an array of creative campaigns for clients across online and – especially importantly – social media platforms.

In addition to online live streaming, podcasts and track listings via its website, YFm’s current project is Live N Reyired, which is a great fit with the broadcaster’s commitment to developing South African music. Live N Reyired offers a platform for talented and emerging unsigned bands and artists, with a two-hour broadcast from their Y-Lounge studio. Airing from 22:00 till midnight every Monday, #LNR is broadcast as a live radio show and also on digital terrestrial television.

As put by Mervyn Sigamoney, Head of Digital at YFM, “The target audience for these various products are young people between the ages of 16-35. These people are young, savvy, enjoy entertainment and are familiar with national & global trends; and that’s the frequency Kenneth!”

A new app is being developed by YFM. This will offer not only information about the station; it will also allow users to purchase music from #LNR and play it or add it to playlists. This opens up a new revenue source for the broadcaster.

Why this matters for egta members?

Music is, and always has been, central to radio, and Live N Reyired demonstrates how an innovative radio broadcaster can use that asset across various platforms. This project clearly gives a compelling reason for audiences to choose radio over the other alternatives available, and it presents advertisers with an opportunity to connect with consumers in a traditionally overlooked daypart.

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What they said

» Mervyn Sigamoney - Yfm

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