24 April 2015
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GOsnap: leveraging the power of digital – connecting brands and social media


This week’s egtabite showcases an example of MTGx’s strategy of leveraging the ATAWAD (any time, anywhere, any device) environment through innovation and partnerships. An important part of MTG’s current digital strategy is investment into the broadcaster’s YouTube channels, which have grown from nine million to 80 million views in two years thanks to the support of young influencers (i.e. YouTube stars). The next step is leveraging these influencers and their followers and connecting them with brands.

An example of such an initiative is GOsnap (the influencer marketing platform), which helps these young stars to make money and at the same time enables MTG to target and monetise its fan base by using the power of social networks. This case was presented by the CEO of MTGx and Chief Digital Officer MTG, Rikard Steiber, at egta’s 2015 DigitalNext meeting in Helsinki.


MTG invested in a YouTube Multi-Channel Network that gathers about 500 young influencers in the Nordic region who produce content around humour, fashion, gaming, food, etc. MTG also seeks out these influencers on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. Through products such as GOsnap, MTG helps influencers to make money and connects advertisers to their audiences in a non intrusive way.

The concept is quite simple: with GOsnap, brands can easily spread their message, boost sales of their products or get in touch with a relevant target group when launching a new product. Advertisers can easily book a campaign via the GOsnap website, indicate the instructions for the influencers, budget and reach and customise the target audience. The campaign is then passed on to the influencers, asking them to participate in this sponsorship offer. Thanks to this service, brands can quickly reach millions of followers on social media. Influencers decide whether to participate and get paid based on the number of their followers.

One example is a campaign for Magnum. The advertiser took the first day of spring in Sweden as the perfect occasion to promote its new ice cream flavour. The key was to launch a campaign that would quickly and cost efficiently kick start the ice cream season and boost sales of a new Magnum ice cream flavour. The client booked a campaign through GOsnap targeting relevant influencers by asking them to take a selfie with a Magnum ice cream and share it with their followers using a dedicated hashtag. In total, 14 Instagram stars took part in the campaign and celebrated the launch of summer season by uploading pictures of themselves eating the new Magnum ice cream. The results of this campaign were very positive. Magnum reached 1.5 million people, obtained 60 thousand likes on Instagram, and 617 comments were posted regarding the new ice cream. Other GOsnap campaigns included McDonald’s launching a new smoothie concept, SAS promoting special cheap flights deals, Ben & Jerry’s new flavour and promotion for fair trade bananas.

MTG also integrates communities of young influencers into its own content on programmes like Top Model Sverige, which offers a great opportunity to connect the power of linear TV and digital through additional content and social media influencers.

Why does this matter to egta members?

MTG’s digital strategy shows that investing in a digital portfolio pays off. By supporting these social network stars, broadcasters and sales houses can include them within their own commercial offers. These stars bring their followers and communities as additional target groups and audiences that broadcasters can reach out to.

This makes a great addition to a broadcaster’s portfolio, helping to build relationships with audiences and stars and increasing the ability of sales houses to connect advertisers with the perfect audience.  Furthermore, it enables users to interact with the content they love.

Target: TV
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