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 RMS Brand Day

For this week’s egta bite, we wanted to share with you an innovative initiative launched by RMS, one of our German members: the Brand Day concept.

The concept

Brand Days places the spotlight on a brand or product throughout a day, using a variety of creative integrations and ensuring full transfer of the listener’s trust in their station to the brand that is being promoted or celebrated.

Brands provide orientation to consumers in a complex world, and they must enter in a dialogue with consumers in order to inspire confidence and an image of reliability. Radio is the perfect medium to communicate credible brand promises to consumers thanks to the special link that radio has with its listeners. Through the Brand Day initiative, RMS provides advertisers with an exclusive framework within which to achieve optimal attention.

Regardless of whether it is a product launch, an anniversary or a short-term offer, the RMS brand day offers a unique communication firework display for the client to make sure it attracts maximum attention. To achieve this, the sales house uses the perfect mix of Emotion, Information and Interaction. Everything is possible, from sponsored editorial features and prize draw competitions to special spots or online integration and web radio. Whether it is national, regional or focused on particular cities, RMS is developing tailor-made concepts together with its partner stations throughout Germany.

Vilsa: RMS Brand Day in action

The water brand Vilsa tried this new formula to celebrate their 100th anniversary together with regional radio station ffn. The strategy consisted of sponsoring the morning show, the traffic and weather forecasts, as well as a congratulation-spot, an infomercial and a prize draw competition. They reached over 12.5 million contacts in their target group (20 – 49 year olds) over one day, and RMS was shortlisted as “best media idea for radio” at the Deutsche Mediapreis (German Media award).

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Why does this matter for egta members?

The RMS Brand Day initiative is a great example of how radio can use some of its core strengths – great audience reach, strong radio brand loyalty and format flexibility – to deliver meaningful and innovative advertising solutions to advertisers.

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What they said ...

» Florian Ruckert - RMS

 Background info

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 Campaign spots
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